Respect and support for teachers an integral part of Didi’s Govt

The Trinamool Congress Government, right since it came to power in Bangla in 2011, has been working tirelessly for the betterment of teachers. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has always ensured that the Government does its best for teachers.

Among other things, the Government introduced the Siksha Ratna Award for successful teachers in 2011. Mamata Banerjee herself gives away the awards every year.

Today, on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, let us take a look at the various schemes and programmes that the State Government has instituted for teachers.

Recruitment: Over the seven years till May 2018, 50,426 primary teachers and 27,572 upper primary, secondary and higher secondary teachers recruited; post-recruitment training given to 7,56,912 teachers

Siksha Ratna: Started in 2011, right after coming to power, to honour successful teachers from Bangla

Swasthya Sathi: From 2017, all teachers – permanent (full-time), temporary, contractual full-time and para-teachers – brought under the Swasthya Sathi group health insurance scheme

Retirement age: From January 2017, retirement age of college and university teachers increased from 60 to 62

Child-related leave: Fully paid cumulative leave periods for all teachers – school, college and university – 180 days’ maternity leave, 45 days’ paternity-cum-child care leave, 42 days’ (6 weeks) leave in case of miscarriage or abortion, 730 days of child care leave for female teachers for entire period of service and 135 days’ child adoption leave for female teachers

LTC: Leave travel concession (LTC) introduced for college and university teachers

Teacher status for librarians: Status of teacher for librarians, deputy librarians and assistant librarians in all government colleges

Career advancement: Paid study leaves for temporary and contractual government college teachers for studying for PhD; 300 days’ paid study leave and other career assistance for graduate laboratory assistants and laboratory assistants

Student guides: Approval of introduction of UGC Regulations 2016 wherein professors can act as guides for MPhil and PhD candidates

West Bengal University and Colleges (Administration and Regulation) Act, 2017: A host of regulations – composition of management committees of government colleges, provident fund for teaching and non-teaching staff paid by State Government, better transfer facilities for government universities, increasing the quality of education

E-learning: E-learning space created in every State-funded higher education institution where free Wi-Fi/internet facility has been made available for both teachers and students during working hours