Manish Gupta speaks on the open physical threats to federalism by BJP leaders in Bengal and them announcing ‘President’s Rule’ and more after this Parliament session concludes


On 20th June in a public meeting at Paschim Medinipur a BJP leader and Former Union Minister has given an open threat to Bengal Chief Minister. He said, “A lot is waiting for you. The Parliament is still running so the nails and teeth are not being seen. See what happens when the parliament session is over.”

And another person who is the State President of BJP and now the Member of Parliament of Medinipur Constituency, said, “If you do not get the money, do not allow them to live in the village.”

These are the languages of the BJP leaders. They are instigating people to riot in Bengal. They are destroying the federal structure. In a democracy this is not done. 

Open threats to create violence in Bengal. Open threats to impose President’s rule in Bengal. I strongly urge the Government to take this issue seriously.