Kalyan Banerjee asks a Supplementary Question on the poor performance of BSNL and MTNL


Thank you Hon’ble Speaker Sir for giving me a chance to ask this Supplementary Question. There are different data; I am not disputing the data at all. The point remains somewhere else. The point is, despite the Central Government’s intentions today, that in rural areas there would be netbanking, there would be internet connectivity, access to the internet; today not only in rural areas but in cities as well, 3G is not sufficient for netbanking or anything related to the internet.

My very specific question; intention of the Government is to make ‘Digital India’. This is very good, very appreciated but for making an effective ‘Digital India’ there needs to be an improvement in towers and enhancement upto 4G. Through you, Hon’ble Speaker Sir, I have a very specific question to the Hon’ble Minister. Are we in a position to make an enhancement upto 4G? Are we in a position to improve mobile towers? Everyone in the House will also agree that the MTNL telephone which has been given to us, we don’t get any connectivity.