KMC Election 2015 Campaign: East Kolkata

Members of AITC Digital Desk tool a sneak peek at the campaigns for the Kolkata Municipal Election, 2015, by All Indian Trinamool Congress at Ward Nos 30, 31, 32, 33 and 57 within Borough III and IIV.

Campaign by Trinamool Congress in these areas has been based on the numerous developmental works including beautification of the areas.


Ward No 30 Candidate: Papiya Ghosh


papiya GHosh

Graffiti  at Ward No 30


The Ward lies bounded by the Satin Sen Sarani, Upendra Chandra Banerjee Road, Sastitala Road and Narikeldanga North Road in the north, Dhyan Debi Khanna Road and Motilal sen Lane in the south, C.I.T. Road and Upendra Banerjee Road in the east and Sastitala Road, Motilal Sen Lane and Narikeldanga North Road in the west.


Community Hall

Kshanikaloy, the community halls set up by KMC at Ward No 30


Ward No 30 consists a major part of the Phoolbagan area. It houses the Maniktala Chest Clinic run by the KMC. It also houses Kshanikaloy, one of the many community halls set up by KMC during the last five years. A lot of work has been done in this ward regardind slum development. Modern washrooms for women has been set up in slums, vocational education centre for under privileged women created in the ward, water bodies have been renovated and a walk space named Bhramar Kunja built for the morning walkers. 10 High  Masts have been set up in the ward.


Ward No 31 Candidate: Sunanda Guha


Sunanda Guha

Graffiti  at Ward No 31


The Ward lies bounded by Satin Sen Sarani in the north, Narikeldanga Main Road and C.I.T. Road and Upendra Ch. Banerjee Road in the south, the New Canal in the east and  the C.I.T. Road and Upendra Chandra Banerjee Road in the west.

KMC water

Kiosks supplying cold water in Ward No 31


Ward no 31 has seen tremendous development in the past five years. From High Masts at Narkeldanga Main Road to public washrooms, kiosks supplying cold water in summer, there are signs of some work or the other at every corner.



KMC public toilet at Ward No 31


Corporation schools have been renovated and modernized. Modern bus stands have been created. New washrooms for public has automatically created cleaner atmosphere.


Ward No 32 Candidate: Shantiranjan Kundu


Shanti Ranjan Kundu

Graffiti  at Ward No 32


The Ward lies bounded by the Crossing of Eastern Railway and the New Canal filled up, Bidhan Nagar Road and Bagmari Road in the north, Barin Ghose Sarani and Satin Sen Sarani in the south, the New Canal in the east and Ram Kanta Sen Lane the Eastern Railway & Bagmari Road in the west.



Banner campaign for AITC candidate, Ward No 32


Ward No 32 which consists the area around Kankurgachi will seek for a change of their councilor. Repeated requests regarding shortage of water supply, water logging during monsoon, irregular clearance of garbage, improper anti-mosquito measures have created a furor among the citizens living in this Ward. The young energetic candidate from AITC will definitely create a mark in this Ward.


Ward No 33 Candidate: Pabitra Biswas


pabitra Biswas

Graffiti  at Ward No 33


The Ward lies bounded by the Narikeldanga Main Road in the north, Beliaghata Canal and Hem Chandra Naskar Road in the south, the New Canal in the east and the Gagan Sarkar Road and Hem Chandra Naskar Road in the west.



Campaign on auto rickshaw at Beleghata, east Kolkata


The campaigning in this Ward in mainly based on providing water supply, garbage removal, anti-mosquito measures. Measures taken by the present councilor have not been proved to be effective, so the people of the ward will seek for change and elect the Trinamool candidate.


Ward No 57 Candidate: Jiban Kumar Saha



Banner campaign for AITC candidate, Ward No 57


The Ward lies bounded by the Beliaghata Road and Beliaghata Canal in the north, Guriapara Road, Debendra Chandra Dey Road and Sewage outlet up to it meets with the New Canal in the south, the Circular Canal and New Canal in the east and the Beliaghata Road and Palmer Bazar Road in the west.



 Dhapa Lock Drainage Pumping Station at Canal South Road, Ward No 57


Ward No 57 in east Kolkata has seen tremendous development in the past five years. Under the scheme, Basic Services to Urban Poor, under JNNURM 25 building blocks, each of 5 stories are being constructed at 33A, 33B and 33C Canal South Road under this Ward. Urban solid waste management projects in the slums of this Ward have also been taken up. The newly installed Pump of Dhapa Lock Drainage Pumping Station at Canal South Road has also started functioning.

KMC modernises Kolkata’s ageing sewerage and drainage system

Under the initiative taken by Department of Sewerage & Drainage, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, a 26 km of underground brick sewer lines is now being replaced with PRP lines. After extracting silt from the drainage system, the capacity of the sewer system has increased from 30 to 45%.  As  a  result,  rain  water  is  draining  faster  from  parts  of Borough I and IX and Borough VIII completely.

With  the  initiatives  of  the  Department  of  Sewerage  &  Drainage,  the  9.1  km  long temporary sewer line has now been replaced with underground drainage system in the wards 105 to 107, wards 112 to 115 and wards 118, 123, 126 and 130.

251 km of underground RCC drainage lines and 228 km of UPVC drainage lines have been laid in Borough XI and its surrounding areas under KEIP. Due  to  this,  people living in areas of Jadavpur, Phoolbagan, Bagha Jatin colony, Bibeknagar, Ajanta Road and  areas  under  Behala’s  Raja  Rammohan  Roy  Road,  PB  Roy  Road,  Satyen  Roy Road,  SN  Roy  Road,  Bhasa  Para,  Chanditala,  Parnasree  Road,  Sanat  Chatterjee Road, Maharani Indira Devi Road, Kalimata Colony, Mahendra Banerjee Road, Brahmo Samaj Road,  Netaji Subhas Road, Fakir Road, Ramkrishna Sarani, Trenching ground, Gowalpara Road, Rabindra Palli, Sukanta Sarani, Maya Road, Biren Roy Road, Garden Reach Area, Paharpur Main Line, SA Farooqui Road, Gandhi Maidan, Garden Reach Road,  Fatehpur I and II lane, Ramdasti Road and other  places  have  been  greatly benefitted.

38 km underground RCC drainage pipeline and 26 km UPVC drainage pipeline have been laid in and around the Wards 1­6 under Borough I. People living in Hari Krishna Seth Lane, Kalicharan Ghosh Road,  Umakanta Sen Lane, Nilmoni De Lane, Gangulipara Lane, Rani Branch Road are benefiting from this project.