Derek O’Brien asks a Question on the new draft National Education Policy


Sir, the question is on RTE, so it is part of the issues discussed or put out in the public domain of the new draft National Education Policy. My question is very specific.

The Prime Minister and the Rashtrapati ji spoke in great detail about federalism, and Education is number 25 on the Concurrent List. I want to first welcome the new Education Minister. He said this is the first time he’s here. Sir, the question is also not complicated; the answer is a simple yes or no.

The draft National Education Policy was submitted and is in the public domain. There are only three days left for people to give their inquiries, so I am sure you will consider extending that.

While putting together this draft National Education Policy, it seems that zero meetings were held with the 29 State Governments – none were consulted. This is what I was told not only by the media but also by the chairperson of the drafting committee, Dr Kasturirangan. 

My question is, were there any meetings held or not with the State Governments before this National Education Policy was made?