Sukhendu Sekhar Roy asks Supplementary Questions on the import and production of coal, and on stopping illegal mining of coal


Supplementary no. 1

Sir, it appears from the figures given in the reply that the domestic production of coal is declining whereas the supply of imported coal is rising very fast every year, despite the series of steps claimed to have been taken by the government. My question, through you Sir, to the Honourable Minister is, what are the reasons for the decline in the domestic production of coal  and the sharp rise in the import of non-coking or thermal coal?

Supplementary no. 2

Sir, I would request the Minister, through you, to do more homework because what I have referred to pertains to his reply only which is printed here – domestic production is declining and import is rising.

My second supplementary is, whether the government or for that matter, Coal India Limited has initiated any plan of action ion consultation with the coal-producing States to stop the illegal mining of coal?