Modi Government is the biggest threat to the country: Mamata Banerjee at Pandua

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Pandua in Hooghly constituency. In her speech she said that the Modi Government is the biggest threat to the country.

She added that it is our misfortune that Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. She urged people to defeat the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Highlights of her speech:

  • Modi Government is the biggest threat to the country
  • They have destroyed all the constitutional institutions. Democracy is under attack
  • It is our misfortune that Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister
  • The CPI(M) committed torture against Opposition workers for 34 years. The harmads have become BJP’s ustads
  • Those who orchestrate riots, practice divisive politics, do not deserve to rule the country
  • The BJP claims it is a Hindu party. How can that be? Hinduism is an ancient religion. BJP was formed only a few years ago
  • BJP uses Hinduism for politics. They bring shame to our Gods and Goddesses
  • Neither Hindus, nor Muslims participate in riots. Leaders like Narendra Modi organise riots for political reasons
  • What have they done in the last five years to deserve your vote?
  • We work for people of all communities, castes and creed. We do not discriminate against anyone
  • Like you see ‘440V – Danger’ signs, BJP is also dangerous for the country
  • Those who were initiated in politics through riots are saying mothers in Bengal are worried about the safety of their children
  • Modi is a blatant liar. He is spreading falsehoods about Bengal without any homework
  • They are distributing money. They are luring people to their rallies by offering money
  • They are organising rallies with maces and swords. This is not Bengal’s culture. Have you ever seen such rallies during Basanti Puja?
  • Falsehoods and propaganda is their only strength.
  • The Prime Minister, instead of bolstering peace, is inciting people into violence
  • Some untoward incidents happened. After investigation, CID found out that those were cases of suicide. But they are claiming those are political murders. They are trying to spread tension
  • Like Kalidas axed the branch he was sitting on, Modi is also dividing the country
  • CPI(M), Congress and BJP have come together in Bengal
  • He intimidates everyone – from industrialists to media houses. Even other political leaders are afraid of him. But I have struggled against the CPI(M)’s brutal regime. I am not afraid of anyone
  • Narendra Modi does not visit Bengal when there are floods, droughts or any other problem. Like a seasonal bird he comes here only during elections
  • In the name of NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill, they want to declare you as foreigners and drive you away. Don’t let them get away with their divisive politics