Throw out divisiveness, bring in unity: Mamata Banerjee at Jangipur

At the second meeting in Murshidabad today, Trinamool Congress chairperson Mamata Banerjee spoke to a huge gathering at Jangipur. She stressed that there can be no division in voting on religious lines, like the BJP was doing. “We are human beings first,” she said.

HIghlights of her speech:

  • I have come to Jangipur many times before on several occasions, from Azimganj to Beldanga. I know these places very well.
  • Murshidabad is a historic region. British rule in Bengal started from here. History will continue to be created here.
  • You know why we walked out of the Congress. A section of the party was hand in gloves with the CPI(M). It has been proven now. Has it been proven or not? Why we walked out of the Congress? Had Trinamool not been formed, CPI(M) could not have been defeated in Bengal. Congress would not have been able to. Remember this.
  • CPM, Congress, BJP are all bhai bhai – jagai, madai, gadai. It is not a new situation.
    RSS is supporting BJP and even Congress in Baharampore. But what sort of Hinduism are they following? They are imposing more of it than being broad-minded and secular.
  • There are many faiths. I am born Hindu but I am first a human being, then I follow all other religions. I chant Hindu mantras every day and Muslim rituals as well. People should also follow this. There can be no division in voting on religious lines. Our basic thought is “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issai; hum sabh rahenge bhai bhai”.
  • Money being spent by the parties. The RSS is carrying cash and distributing to people. If you see anything like this, then immediately inform the police.
  • We have done many things for Murshidabad. We have built colleges, ITIs, hospitals – all work we will do and the babus will go to Delhi and claim that they have done it.
  • These babus and leaders come only during election, then go away and forget about the people here.
  • We will win 42 out of 42 and continue with development of Bangla.
  • In name of NRC, so many Hindus and Muslims are being chased out. Over 22 lakh names have been deleted.
  • All these are connivances to break the nation, break Bengal. But Trinamool will not allow this. How can you prevent this? By voting against them. That is the only way you can teach them a lesson.
  • UP and Bengal will decide the new government. BJP will not be coming to power. All the states one after the other will show that BJP is not the party that can show the way for the country’s progress.
  • Hence, we have to change. BJP govt has to change and be removed.
  • Please remember to vote for the Trinamool candidates and jora phool.