KMC readies for battle against malaria and dengue

Even before the monsoon arrived in the city, Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) authorities have chalked out a detailed public awareness campaign to fight mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria.

“July and August record the highest rainfall in Kolkata every year and heavy monsoon gives possible rise to breeding of mosquito larvae that in course might cause spread of diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Our fight is to prevent such rise through mass awareness and hence the initiative,” Atin Ghosh, member, mayor-in-council (health), told.

Mass awareness programme

KMC’s mass awareness campaign against spread of dengue and malaria would include dos and don’ts to prevent breeding of mosquito larvae across the city.

Civic officials plan an extensive round-the-year awareness campaign and have also scheduled food and water safety campaign in the festive months from October to December.

“During these three months, Hindus, Muslims and Christians have festivals and with the celebrations seeing additional footfalls, they create an opportunity for selling food, coloured water, and soft drinks, among others. We only want to sensitise the masses about the food safety norms, which needs to be followed while purchasing food products during the festivities,” a senior doctor with KMC’s health department said.

Food safety norms

KMC will also put up over 4,000 billboards on the streets of Kolkata as part of the awareness campaign on food safety norms. According to sources, KMC will be spending over lakh to make consumers and sellers aware about the food safety norms in context of the recent Maggi controversy.

“Solid waste management workers collecting garbage from every doorstep will reach out with handouts in four different languages – English, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu,” the MMiC added. KMC and the Consumer Affairs department are jointly launching three tableaus that will roam around the city from Monday with messages on awareness against food and water borne diseases.

According to the awareness calendar, January to March is scheduled for awareness on tuberculosis, which is still a killer disease in Kolkata.

Immunisation for all: KMC initiatives preventing outbreak of diseases

Early detection and prompt treatment helps to cure many diseases from becoming fatal. Kolkata Municipal Corporation runs various health related clinics throughout areas under its jurisdiction. These centres are affordable and conveniently located.

The clinics run by the Corporation range from routine immunization centre, malaria clinics, chest clinics, anti-rabies vaccination centres etc.



Clinics under KMC

Malaria Clinics  – The KMC has so far established 59 malaria detection-cum-treatment centres in different parts of the city for this purpose. Blood test and treatment is free of cost. Since the prime objective is to prevent deaths from malaria all febrile patients visiting the clinics are given full course of presumptive treatment with chloroquine and primaquine. Those whose blood samples are positive are given radical treatment. The KMC authorities have introduced several mobile malaria clinics to help slum-dwellers enjoy easy access to speedy diagnosis and treatment.

Preventive steps are also taken by the Corporation to stop spreading of this disease which has for centuries been wreaking havoc in the world. As many as 90 countries including India are endemic for this disease, where officially 300 million people now suffer and 1 million people die every year.  From time to time KMC undertakes antilarval spraying, indoor fogging, indoor residual spraying, area fogging and publicity campaigning through various mediums to make the people aware of the same. Visit KMC website or click here

Routine Immunization Centres – Around the world, routine immunizations have reduced and even eliminated many childhood illnesses that once killed and debilitated many children.  Although many vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs) have been controlled, children are still dying from diseases that could be prevented by providing the critical vaccinations during the first few years of life.  The World Health Organization estimated that, every year, 1.5 million children die from diseases that could have been prevented by routine vaccination.  That staggering total represents almost one-fifth of all the children who died worldwide before reaching their fifth birthday.

For the convenience of the citizens of Kolkata, the Corporation runs number of Immunization Centres throughout the city. 98 centres for routine immunization and  mobile team for house to house visit are conducted by KMC. One can also get in touch with boroughs of each locality for details. Mass immunization programmes (e.g polio) for reaching out to greater number of people are also undertaken at regular intervals.

Chest Clinics – People who believe that they may have heart disease generally wish to have their fears confirmed or denied rapidly. Instead of long waits it is suggested to avail the services of Chest Clinics run by KMC. Located conveniently, you can get the details through the website run by the Corporation or click here.

Anti-Rabies Clinics – Rabies is a 100% fatal disease which is transmitted to humans through animal bites. Immediate vaccination is required to be taken by humans if bitten by stray dogs. To make Kolkata a rabies free city, the Municipal Corporation has established vaccination centres and from time to time the Corporation also conducts vaccination programmes for stray dogs on the streets of Kolkata.  Visit KMC website or click here to see the centres located at various parts of the city.