Country needs a people’s government: Mamata Banerjee at Itahar

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Itahar in Uttar Dinajpur district (Balurghat Lok Sabha constituency). She said that the country needs a people’s government. She also said that United India Government will be formed at the Centre.

Highlights of her speech:

My best wishes to all on the occasion of Bengali New Year. Shubho Nobo Borsho

Whenever any disaster occurs, our government always stands by the people. From floods to accidents – we always work for the welfare of the people

From setting up Karma Tirthas to ITIs, Kisan Mandis to paddy procurement centres – we have taken a lot of initiatives for this district

As Railway Minister, I had started the Eklakhi-Balurghat line. I sanctioned the Gazole-Itahar, Raiganj-Itahar, Itahar-Buniyadpur lines also. But the Centre has left these projects incomplete. When our government comes to power at Centre, we will complete these projects

I had started several trains like Janmabhoomi, Raja Rani, Padatik, Kanchan Kanya and others

North Bengal was neglected in the past. We created a new secretariat Uttar Kanya in north Bengal

We have set up the Circuit Bench of Calcutta High Court in Jalpaiguri. People of north Bengal will no longer have to go Kolkata for administrative work

A new university and medical college have been sanctioned for this district. Loans worth Rs 4,000 crore have been sanctioned for small industries and subsidies worth Rs 2,000 crore have been given to them

We have taken measures for exporting Tulaipanji rice (famous rice variety of Uttar Dinajpur). We are also promoting the jute industry of Dinajpur. Many industry clusters have been set up

We have registered 2 lakh folk artistes under Lok Prasar Prakalpa

We have removed the income ceiling for Kanyashree scheme. All girls in government schools are now eligible for the scholarship

We have distributed Sikshashree scholarships to 68 lakh SC/ST students. Caste certificates are now issued within a month

Getting caste certificates is a cumbersome process – because of the 50 year old documents that need to be provided. If we come to power, we will review this process

We have distributed scholarships to 2 crore minority students.

We have encouraged 70,000 minority students to take up higher education

Khajna tax and mutation fees have been waived for agricultural land. We have waived off mutation fees on inherited land. We bear the full cost of crop insurance for farmers.

We have started the Krishak Bandhu scheme. Farmers will receive Rs 5,000 per acre of land annually in two installments

When a farmer passes away, their family will receive financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh

From birth to death, we have a scheme for every stage of life for the welfare of people

From free healthcare to free education, rice at Rs 2/kg, to renovation of crematoriums and burial grounds – we have done it all

We have renovated and developed the pilgrimage sites across Bengal, including Pakhiralay in this district

We believe in Sarva Dharma Samannay. We do not endorse politics of division

This election will decide who will form the government at Centre. This is not an election for the formation of government in Bangla

People ask what has Arpita Ghosh done? Our Trinamool MPs have been vocal on people’s issues in Parliament – from price rise to NRC, against citizenship bill, demonetisation

Arpita Ghosh met with an accident few years ago. She was hospitalised for a year. She had no chances of survival but miraculously survived

Arpita is a prominent theatre personality. She is a fighter. She speaks in favour of Bangla in Parliament. She always asks me for more developmental projects for Balurghat constituency

In the last five years, BJP has not done anything for the people. They have failed to create roti-kapda-makaan for the people

They promised to create 10 crore jobs in five years. Instead, 2 crore jobs lost in 2017-18

They wanted to sell off Air India. We fought against it. BSNL employees are not getting their salaries. Jet Airways is on the verge of closure

We have given job security to contractual and casual workers. Retirement of college professors has been increased

We are issuing Swasthya Sathi smart card to women, recognising them as the guardian of the family. More than 7.5 crore people will be entitled to health insurance, with a cover of Rs 5 lakh annually

More than 12,000 farmers committed suicide across the country. This government committed crimes against Dalits, minorities

The country needs a people’s government. Bengal and UP will decide who will form the next government at Centre. The United India Government will come to power

Every vote counts. Do not waste your vote by voting for the Congress. Neither BJP nor the Congress can form the government on their own. Voting for the CPI(M) will strengthen the BJP

Congress has adjustment with BJP in places like Jangipur and Baharampur

Modi used to say he is chaiwallah. For four and a half years, he was busy touring the world. Now he says, he is chowkidar. We do not need a chowkidar. We need a leader for the country

We respect and salute real chowkidars but not those who sell-off the country, divide people and carry our propaganda and armed rallies

I am also Hindu. We believe in the Hinduism preached by Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa.

Weapons look good on Maa Durga’s hands, not yours. That is the difference between gods and humans. How can you throw the model code of conduct to the wind?

Hinduism is a liberal religion. Hinduism teaches us to be tolerant. Hinduism teaches us about humanism.

Remember, Islam is also a religion of piety. We respect diversity. We respect all faiths. That is what communal harmony means. We believe in unity

I attend Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas, Guru Parab, Chhath Puja as well as festivals of Jains. This is our culture and heritage

I am ready to sacrifice my life but won’t allow politics of hate and division

The twins, Jagai-Madhai, are saying they will implement NRC in Bengal. Why have you excluded names of Bengali Hindus in Assam NRC? Why have you excluded Biharis, Gorkhas?

After the draft NRC was published, our delegation was not allowed to enter Assam and was assaulted. But we have not given up our fight

Under Citizenship Amendment Bill, you will become a foreigner for six years. There is no guarantee that they will give citizenship to you after that. Everyone who came to India till March 25,1971, is an Indian citizen

If BJP comes to power, Dr Ambedkar’s Constitution will be destroyed. Democracy will be destroyed. You will lose your freedom

We have to remove the riot-monger from his chair. We have to establish a pro-people government at Centre

Darjeeling: Looking at a bright future

Darjeeling has witnessed phenomenal growth and development in the last seven and a half years. Despite few incidents of unrest in the Hills, efforts led by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee were decisive in re-establishing peace there.

Health: 4 fair-price medicine centres, 6 fair-price diagnostic centres, free beds, 8 SNSUs, 2 SNCUs, 3 CCUs, 3 HDUs

Schools: 131 schools established, 116 schools’ levels upgraded

Scholarships: 2.28 lakh students under Kanyashree, more than 1.07 lakh students under Sikshashree

Higher education: Darjeeling Hill University coming up in Mongpu; 2 government degree colleges, 2 ITIs coming up

Kisan Mandi: 3 Kisan Mandis set up

100 Days’ Work: More than 4.17 crore man-days created from FY 2013-14 to 2017-18

Housing: About 22,000 people benefitted from housing schemes, including rural housing

Industry: First Hill Business Summit held in 2018, at which investment proposals worth Rs 2,000 crore were received

Roads & bridges: 3,611 km of roads built/repaired/widened

Tourism: Bengal Safari Park near Siliguri; environment-friendly tourist lodge on Tiger Hill, renovation of Netaji Museum in Giddapahar; Roy Villa in Darjeeling, where Sister Nivedita died, acquired by the State Government and renovated

Development boards: 16 development boards created for 16 communities in the district for the communities’ social development and cultural well-being

Samajik Suraksha Yojana: 1.82 lakh unorganised labourers enlisted

Karmatirtha: 3 Karmatirthas built

Sports: Himal-Terai-Dooars Spots Festival being held every year with a lot of enthusiasm


High tide of development in Uttar Dinajpur

The district of Uttar Dinajpur has seen development in every sector, and as a result people are more than happy. Many people who are engaged in making traditional handicrafts are happy that the Trinamool Congress Government is providing them adequate help.

Health: 2 multi-superspeciality hospitals, 2 fair-price medicine shops, 3 fair-price diagnostic centres, free beds, 10 SNSUs, 2 SNCUs, 2 CCUs, 2 HDUs; medical college up in Raiganj; immunisation of 100% children achieved

Schools: 82 schools established, 59 schools’ levels upgraded; 7 model schools being set up

Scholarships: More than 1.65 lakh students under Kanyashree, more than 5.2 lakh students under Sikshashree

Higher education: Raiganj University, 1 government degree colleges, 4 ITIs, 1 polytechnic college established; 1 polytechnic college coming up

Kisan Mandi: 6 Kisan Mandis set up

100 Days’ Work: About 2.95 crore man-days created from FY 2013-14 to 2018-19

Housing: More than 1.09 lakh people benefitted from housing schemes, including rural housing

Mission Nirmal Bangla: 100% of the district is ODF

Industry: 1 industrial estate, 18 MSME clusters (including 1 MSME cluster), 1 Mega Carpet Centre, 1 turmeric processing and packaging unit

Roads & bridges: More than 1,200km of roads built/repaired/widened, 1 bridge, 1 bus terminus

Tourism: Raiganj Tourist Lodge modernised, Bhairavi Temple in Bindole, Balia Masjid, dargah at Pirpukur in Ukilpara, Karandighi Neelkuti renovated, Kulik Bird Sanctuary beautified; modernisation of North Dinajpur Museum and adding of various tourist facilities at Kulik Bird Sanctuary started

Samajik Suraksha Yojana: More than 2.74 lakh unorganised labourers enlisted

Karmatirtha: 27 Karmatirthas built

Sports: 48 multi-gyms, 10 playing fields, 8 mini indoor stadiums; Raiganj Stadium renovated, Islampur Stadium being built

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Money power being used in elections: Mamata Banerjee in Mathabhanga

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today addressed a public meeting at Mathabhanga in Cooch Behar district. In her speech she said that the BJP will do away with elections if voted back to power, and Ambedkar’s Constitution will be destroyed.

Highlights of her speech:

A bridge is coming up, connecting Mekhliganj and Dinhata. I have named it “Joyee Bridge”.

Another bridge has been constructed, which I have named Bhawaiya Setu

Nearly 19-20 bridges have been built here, spreading the wave of development in Cooch Behar district.

I come here throughout the year, unlike my predecessors who neglected the region.

We gave land for the enclaves (Chhitmahals) and took the initiative to solve the problem. No other party cared before us. The Expiry Prime Minister had no role in this. It was done entirely by us.

We have allocated Rs 1,100 crore for the development of Chhitmahals. We have given them land rights

We have set up Panchanan Barma University in Cooch Behar, along with engineering & medical colleges, ITI, polytechnics, Karmatirthas, Kisan Mandis, blood banks, Mother and Child Hubs, industrial clusters for small-scale industries, among other things.

During demonetisation, we gave the needy families Rs 50,000 each to set up businesses.

Five years ago, the Expiry Prime Minister called himself a chaiwallah. Now he calls himself a chowkidar – people are saying, “Chowkidar chor hain”, I say, “Chowkidar jhootha hain”.

This is the first time so much money is being spent in elections. The PM has never helped the people. On the other hand, they have taken away the money which the common people had saved.
The youth of today, the brave young voters of today, will bring new hope

More than two crore people lost their jobs in one year.

The expiry PM is just doing big talk. He promised Rs 15 lakh per account, but he gave nothing. He fooled you into voting for him.

Now he’s taken on the garb of a chowkidar. In reality, many chowkidars all over are losing jobs, are in a desperate state.

We work for the people all the year round, not just during the elections.

The Centre has failed to create jobs. More than 12,000 farmers committed suicide.

They are killing people in the name gau-raksha.

They are threatening to send Bengalis out of the country in the name of NRC. Let them even attempt to do that.

They are stained with the blood of riots. They lack the basic courtesies of politics.

Some media houses have been intimidated into towing their party line. I appeal to the media to be fearless.

Modi is now talking about the welfare of Rajbanshis. Where were you till now?

They made false promises even to Bimal Gurung on the issue of Gorkhaland

He’s saying I don’t allow Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja in Bengal. It is absolutely false

In the upcoming elections, like Maa Durga killed Mahisashur, the mothers of the country will slay Modi democratically

They are trying to intimidate us using agencies like the IT, ED and CBI. We are not scared of them.

Now, the new drama is to insult the armed forces – Army and CRPF. They are calling them “Modi Sena”

The armed forces are impartial institutions. Modi cannot misuse them. The BJP cannot misuse them.

If they come back to power, they’ll destroy Ambedkar’s Constitution – even do away with elections.

NRC & Citizenship Amendment Bill will take away your citizenship for six years. Then they will consider anew if you can be granted citizenship. Therefore you will lose your houses, lands, passports, bank accounts, every opportunity provided by the government. Never let them do this to you

No party other other than the BJP has supported the NRC.

A delegation of Trinamool went to Assam to meet the people affected by NRC. They were assaulted.

I have promised the people of Assam affected by the NRC, that if you are thrown out of Assam, Bengal will welcome you

Modi Babu is saying what development has happened in Bengal? How will he know if he doesn’t come here ever?

Ensure that we win 42 out of 42 seats. Bengal will play a significant role in the formation of the next government at the Centre.

Let everyone from every region in the country live in peace.