Railways facing neglect: Mamata Banerjee

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed grief over the loss of lives  in the derailment of Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express and alleged the Railways is now neglected and given less priority with curtailment in the Budget.

Mamata Banerjee, who had previously served as the Rail Minister, took to Twitter hours after the derailment. She wrote: “Railways carries crores of people every day. It is the lifeline of the nation. We are proud of our Indian Railways employees. However, now Railways is neglected & being given less priority. The Budget is being curtailed. Safety and security are being compromised.”

“We don’t blame the minister, he is earnest in his efforts. But govt needs to address issues urgently,” the CM said in another tweet.

Mamata Banerjee also offered condolences to the family of the deceased.


রেলকে কম গুরুত্ব দিচ্ছে কেন্দ্রীয় সরকারঃ মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়

শনিবার রাতে হীরাখণ্ড এক্সপ্রেস লাইনচ্যুত হওয়ার ঘটনায় শোক প্রকাশ করেন মুখ্যমন্ত্রী মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়। রেলকে কম গুরুত্ব দেওয়া হচ্ছে বলে অভিযোগ করেন মুখ্যমন্ত্রী।

টুইটারে মুখ্যমন্ত্রী জানান, “ভারতীয় রেল দৈনিক কয়েক কোটি যাত্রী বহন করে। এটাই দেশের জীবনরেখা। আমরা ভারতীয় রেলের কর্মচারীর কাজে গর্বিত। অথচ রেল বিভাগ অবহেলার শিকার। রেলকে খুব কম গুরুত্ব দেওয়া হচ্ছে। রেলের জন্য বাজেট কমানো হচ্ছে। যাত্রীদের সুরকশা ও স্বাচ্ছন্দ্যের সঙ্গে আপস করা হচ্ছে। আজকের দুর্ঘটনায় আমি মর্মাহত। অনেক যাত্রী প্রাণ হারিয়েছেন। তাঁদের আত্মার শান্তি কামনা করি,। তাদের নিকটজনকে আমার সমবেদনা জানাই”।

তিনি আর একটি টুইটে লেখেন, ‘আমরা মন্ত্রীকে দোষ দেব না। তিনি যথাসাধ্য চেষ্টা করছেন। এই বিষয়টিকে দ্রুত গুরুত্ব দেওয়া উচিত সরকারের।’


Mumtaz Sanghamita speaks on the Railway Budget

Hon’ble Railway Minister have placed many dreamy proposals regarding passenger services, safety, amenities and modernization of stations establishment of freight corridor, new locomotive factory and so on. He has also expressed concern regarding expenditure without much income or provision of income generation provision.

70% of our Railway passengers belong to low and middle income groups. Railways are the major transport in sub-urban and local trains for poor and middle class. The benefit of passenger as well as railway department. The main thing is to increase the passenger load, betterment of passenger amenities, cleanliness of platform and railway tracks as well as train compartments. Most important about Railway journey is punctuality, less time consuming.

The Distribution of clean hygienic bed roles, safe drinking water facilities, clean toilets are more important. Use of SMS to call for toilet cleaning is impractical. Many local trains running 2 to 3 hours as well as even inter-district trains (local) running 6 to 8 hours are lacking toilet facilities. Proper pantry and cooking facilities have been withdrawn from many long distant trains (ex.- Kanchanjunga Express from Sealdah to Guwahati). Bus junction or even Taluka level stations should be provided with lift or escalator facilities and at least pay-toilets at platform.

Instead of making very many new projects like bullet trains, new locomotive factories, unfinished proposal in these regards to be looked after first. Instead of RCTC stalls selling junk food at platforms, there should be provision of Janata canteen supplying local staple foods.

Many of the Railway hospitals are giving high standard service. If this service can be extended to public on payment basis that can generate some income. If Krishi Mandi can be established by Dept. of Railways, it can generate income from this service. No Provision of Superfast trains in big cities and connecting Smart cities with local places would popularize railways.

Many local trains have no toilet facility. Number of female railway police should be increased. Provision of natural gas or solar power running trains trial at least in sub-urban trains can help to reduce environmental pollution and may be cost effective also.

Trinamool protests in Parliament against demolition of Shakur Basti

Trinamool Congress today gave a notice in Rajya Sabha to bring up a discussion on the demolition drive at Shakur Basti in West Delhi. Party MPs also protested with members of Aam Aadmi Party near the Gandhi statue outside Parliament.

A demolition was carried out on Saturday at Shakur Basti in West Delhi by the Indian Railways in which 1200 slum units were removed which rendered “several homeless on a cold day” and a a six-month-old baby died.

Derek O’Brien speaks on the Appropriation (Railways) No. 2 Bill, 2015 | Full Transcript

Full Transcript

Sir, this government is talking to us about cooperative federalism. But unfortunately, if you look at the way they are dealing with Railways, they are killing federalism.

Even the MP, who spoke first today, suggested to his Minister to complete the existing projects. Mr Railway Minister, your own MP from the back benches is asking you to complete the existing projects, I am also saying the same thing. Complete the existing projects in Bengal.

You keep telling us that you gave us so many thousand crores. But look at the percentage of the funds also and not just the numbers. You go on and on about SPVs – Special Purpose Vehicles. I am beginning to wonder whether SPVs are Special Purpose Vehicles or are they Suresh Prabhu Vehicles.

Your intention is good but you have a basic problem. You are suggesting setting up of SPVs for each project and after completion they will be dissolved. The problem is you want the States to fund SPVs.

Sir, West Bengal is a debt-stressed state, like Punjab and other states. We have increased our revenues by 105% in the last three years without increasing taxes. But we carry a legacy of debt-burden. The CPM had to go out of power because of that and we are paying the interest for the debt they incurred.

While you are talking about cooperative federalism, you have to keep in mind the debt-stressed states. I also want to refer to my neighbouring state Odisha. Please study what happened with POSCO and associated SPV there. It ran into several problems.

Sir, the message I want to leave you with is very simple. Like your MP said in the beginning, complete the existing projects. You have not announced any new projects. Fair enough. Do not deprive states which are debt-stressed. Try SPVs once or twice, it will fail in six months and you will come back to normal.

You keep saying you are increasing the allocation of money to States from 32% to 42%. In reality, you are not. Please Mr Railway Minister please do consider these points, that is my request to you.

Thank you, Sir.

#TwitterSamvad with Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee took a step forward today to communicate with the people by being involved in the exclusive launch of “Twitter Samvad” service.

Launched by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo today, the service gives key national political leaders the ability to send their tweets to their offline followers directly via SMS. WB CM was among the select few public figures along with 13 other CMs, the Indian Army, Indian Railways among others.

The number assigned to @MamataOfficial’s twitter ID is 01130083333. Users who subscribe to her tweets will receive 3 tweets a day, 45 tweets a month as SMS.

As part of the launch, WB CM sent out the following tweet for Twitter Samvad:

Now get my tweets & alerts as SMS. FREE.

Missed Call 01130083333 to Activate the Free Service.

WB CM uses Twitter very often. From greetings on festivals, to important executive announcements – she uses the medium to communicate and engage with users. She joined Twitter on 1 January, 2015 and has 28000 followers currently.

Trinamool MPs meet Rail Minister to expedite funds for pending projects in Bengal

A delegation of the All India Trinamool Congress Parliamentary Party met the Railway Minister urging him to clear funds for pending railway projects in Bengal. The fund allocation for the State has come down sharply from Rs 10,000 Crore (in 2011-12) to Rs 3615 Crore (for 2015-16).

During a discussion on the Railway Budget, TMC MPs in both the Houses raised the issue of inadequate allocations for railway projects. In a letter to the Rail Minister, Trinamool MPs urged the Minister to address the issue on an urgent basis. If projects are stalled, people of the State will face hardship, they said.

The letter also said that the party was not asking for any new major project but, wanted the Minister to clear the existing ones. They also thanked the Minister for acknowledging the visionary contribution of Ms Mamata Banerjee, former Railway Minister during his reply on the Budget.

The letter was signed by Derek O’Brien, Leader of All India Trinamool Congress Parliamentary Party (Rajya Sabha), Kalyan Banerjee, Chief Whip of All India Trinamool Congress Parliamentary Party (Lok Sabha) and Sukhendu Sekhar Ray, Chief Whip of All India Trinamool Congress Party (Rajya Sabha).

AITC letter to rail min 1

AITC letter to rail min 2

 Letter from AITC delegation to Railway Minister


Click here to download the letter

Derek O’Brien speaks during discussion on Budget (Railways) 2015-2016 | Transcript

Full transcript: 

Sir, I was always under the impression that God will never lie, that God will always tell the truth. But recently I was beginning to wonder whether Prabhu ji always speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. So I was a little worried about this when I went through his Budget speech, and thought I should start by attacking him because he did not speak all of the truth in this. Sir, but then in the reply to his Budget speech in the Lok Sabha, this is what somebody had said.

“One of the persons whom I admire most and also really love and respect is Mamata Banerjee. I am very happy that there has been such a consistency in thinking like this. I should be very happy to say that Indian Railways is trying to take forward the ideas and the philosophies of Kumari Mamata ji

Who said this? I am not quoting any Trinamool spokesperson. I am quoting the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu ji. So at the end of it all Prabhu ji does speak the truth. This is what he had said in the Lok Sabha a few days ago. It is very gracious of Prabhu ji to give credit where it is due because otherwise I was going to point out to him, if he had not given the clarification, that there was a major typographical error in his Budget as he spoke about a Vision 2030 document, which he is going to table and discuss.

I was wondering whether that was a typographical error because all of those points of the Vision 2030 document are taken from the Vision 2020 document of a previous Railway Minister, Mamata Banerjee.

Now that Prabhu ji has been very gracious to acknowledge the Vision 2020 document, I will give you a few examples of what he said is in his 2030 document and what was in the Vision 2020 document which was done earlier by Mamata di.

Quickly, some points:

  • Rs 8.5 lakh crore investment in Railways in the next 5 years, said by the Minister. Vision 2020: Rs 14 lakh crore to be invested in the Railways in 10 years; 64% of it to be raised through the PPP model.
  • He spoke about Operation 5 Minutes for booking unreserved tickets. Vision 2020 talks about 5 minutes to book a ticket in any category.


So like this, there are many examples – bio-toilets (Vision 2020 document had green toilets), high-speed corridor (also in Vision 2020).

He has copied, but we don’t mind that he has copied, as what he has copied is from the Vision 2020 by Ms Mamata Banerjee. I have no issues that he has copied. I am supporting these points. I am supporting the point he has said about 6,000 km being quadrupled; this is also what has been said in Vision 2020.

Okay, now he says, Mamata Banerjee has only talked about it and now we are implementing. Now I was in a good mood all this time. Suresh Prabhu ji, now that you have come, I will give you some more numbers and show you how she had implemented better than you, okay?

Now let me make the point which was not part of my original speech. Now I must make it. The point about who implemented better.

Let’s look at doubling – last year, your predecessor did 700 km but in 2010-11 what was done was 780 km, 15% better. In new lines, last year, 300 km, 2010-11, 710 km. These are not my number, these are Indian Railways numbers. Last year, freight loading grew by about 5%, in 2009-10 it grew by 6.6%. Growth in passengers, this is a shameful figure. I will not blame Suresh Prabhu ji for the figure because maybe that is why they brought Suresh Prabhu ji to do the job. Since you said you are doing better, here are the figures for passenger growth: 5% in 2009-2010 by the Railway Minister, the lady, while last year, it was a negative growth in passengers originating.

So if you look at the hard numbers, the Railways last year did not do too well. Mr Prabhu has some dreams and I want to make four quick points before I go into the specifics.

One, the Railways Minister did not announce any new trains on the floor of the Lok Sabha nor did he give us too many details on this. The problem with that, we believe, is that we, the 800 members of Parliament, who represent a billion people, are the shareholders, so why not put some more detail in the Budget and why hide everything, or share everything in the pink book. I do not know how many MPs have seen the pink book but this pink book has more details than the Budget. I was going to say the devil is in the detail but with God being the Minister, I should not use that phrase. It would have been inappropriate.

But on a more serious note, the Budget is a statement of intent. We believe that the Budget needs to be a statement of action. Statement of intent is good but where is the action? Instead of addressing some basic issues (the lady before this was speaking very nicely), we are talking about electronic conveniences; we are talking about some outlandish ambitions. Very good, talk about all that, but let’s address the basics. Overall, no source of funding mentioned, at least not here, not in the pink book too. Maybe the Minister has got an idea to come up with some source of funding.

Now, at Trinamool Congress we always believe, if we want to criticise you, we will criticise you, but before we come to criticising you, give you some ideas for free. The problem with giving you some ideas for free is, we gave one or two of these ideas to the Railways Minister last year, but he chose not to implement those ideas, for whatever reason, and see what has happened to him today.

So maybe, Prabhu ji, your train will run longer than one year, it will be a long distance express, for at least four years.

This Government talks a lot about reforms. We will reform the system, we will reform Railways, very well. The problem is, when you give subsidies to the corporate sector, you call it reform. When you give money to the poor people, than you call it subsidy. If you want to implement reform, we are giving you three or four ideas for some serious reform.

First, on the accounting system of the Railways. The Railways uses an accounting system going back to 1921. There was a British gentleman called Mr Acworth. Mr Acworth was asked to head a committee. Mr Acworth came up with his recommendations, they worked for four years from 1921 and in 1925, those Acworth Committee recommendations were announced, and after that the first Railways Budget was announced. Now the entire system for accounting – how you calculate tickets, what are the broad accounting heads – is based on an architecture a 95-year-old accounting system set up. So if you are looking for reform, Mr Rail Minister, please re-look at the system of the Railways which is based on antiquity, on the Acworth Committee report.

The second one. Once again we are trying to bring you back to the focus. Social responsibility has to be combined with financial viability. Mr Chairman, Sir, through you I want to tell the Railway Minister, we understand and appreciate that financial viability is important, but social responsibility is extremely important. We heard a lot of talk about Duronto, Satabdi and a lot of other fast trains. Ninety-six per cent of the passengers do not travel on those trains. I am not saying that do not give good service to the 4% of the passengers, please give. Your idea of the mobile charger on the general class is a good idea. But focus your ideas on the 96%.

Diesel prices have come down by 25%, but you have chosen not to bring the prices down. We say a firm ‘no’ to FDI in Railways. Your LIC idea is a way better idea than going into FDI.

I spoke about passengers. Now let me give some free ideas for freight. Let me tell you my idea about freight. Nitin Gadkari ji was sitting just beside you. I think you made a mention in the Budget speech that the Railways is trying to tie up with Aerotrain and trying to merge Railways and Aerotrain. Freight in the Railways has come down from 60% to something like 30%. This is a big loss. We are telling you, please do not compete with roads. You are losing out to road, you know the reasons, and your tonnages are big. I will come to that point later, but the point I want to make here is that you have to stop competing with roads and become a partner of the roads. Like Procter & Gamble (P&G), you should become Prabhu & Gadkari (P&G). Both of you have to work together.

One of the ideas, which have been forgotten, is an idea which has been tested on the Konkan Railway. It is an idea called RORO. Roll On, Roll Off. What is the concept of Roll On, Roll Off? The bottom rows of the wagon are actually like wheels, so that you can roll on and roll off. The message here is partner with the roads; otherwise you will be losing and losing and losing on freight.

The second suggestion we have is, please take a look at booking smaller consignments. Today, for the Railways, booking a consignment which is 1,000-1,500 tonnes will be difficult. Where you are actually losing out is that you are not allowing people to book smaller consignments. Today, a railway wagon has a capacity of 60 tonnes and the total capacity for 10 wagons will be 600 tonnes. Our suggestion is, you bring the minimum down, partner with road. If you do not grow freight, you will not solve the issue.

Sir, I genuinely want you to look at the ideas, because you have been gracious in acknowledging the Vision 2020 document. I would go on to say that, the Vision 2020 document has been upgraded to Vision 3030.

I now come to a little bit of pain about my State. Three years ago, my State got Rs 10,000 crore. Last year, the figure dropped down to Rs 5,000 crore. This year the figure stands at something between Rs 2,000 crore and Rs 3,000 crore. So you can imagine the fate of all those projects which are caught up.

Interestingly, all the metro projects in the country are independent. The one metro which comes directly under the Railways is the Kolkata Metro.

I will give you a few big numbers. Deputy Chairman, Sir, through you I would like to inform the Minister that the project cost of the East-West Metro is Rs 5,000 crore but you have sanctioned is only Rs 500 crore. The project is in the heart of the city.

In the Kolkata Metro, for the Noapara-Barasat Rs 2,000 crore project, you have gives us Rs 100 crore. Dumdum-Baranagar-Noapara-Airport: Project cost Rs 400 crore, you have sanctioned only Rs 50 crore. Baranagar-Barrackpore: It is a lifeline project. The project cost is Rs 1900 crore, but you have given us Rs 80 crore. I will tell you a few more, so that you will understand that I am telling you the numbers in a very genuine way.

For Airport-New Garia, the project cost is Rs 3300 crore, we have got only Rs 240 crore. Joka-BBD Bag has a project cost of Rs 2400 crore, we have got only Rs 70 crore. For Kolkata Circular Railway, the project cost is Rs 400 crore, but you have allotted Rs 2 crore. All these projects are very badly stuck.

We are not asking you for new projects. We are going back to your thinking, to clear the existing projects. Unless you clear the existing projects, it becomes very difficult.

I will come to some workshops, which are in the middle of getting ready. In Kanchrapara, there is a new rail coach factory. Rs 840 crore is the project cost and you have only allotted Rs 8 crore in the Pink Book. That is why we are very disappointed with the Pink Book.

You keep on saying, look east. But if you say look east, and then give Rs 8 crore out of Rs 838 crore, it is sad. You have given Rs 1 crore out of the Rs 100 crore for the Kharagpur Workshop, zero out of the Rs 146 crore for the Noapara Workshop. Dankuni Railway Equipment Factory, only Rs 2 crore out of Rs 40 crore, and Liluah Workshop, only Rs 5 crore out of Rs 96 crore. Sir, you all are saying, ‘look east’, but we are beginning to wonder, whether this is ‘look east’ or ‘bluff east’.

There are a few other projects which are really stuck, Sir. I do not want to take the precious time of the House, Sir, because another speaker from our party will speak and will take 6-7 minutes.

For Shambhu Mitra Cultural Centre, for Garden Reach Nursing College and Hostel, I would urge the Minister to please look at the big picture and give allocations.

We are not asking for new trains, we are not asking to increase trains, from two days to four days. We are not asking you for anything unreasonable. We are saying that these are projects which were sanctioned in the past; please help us to complete the projects. I think this is in line with your thinking.

I would like to raise two small points, Sir, besides all these money numbers. I can’t give you financial justification for either of the next two points, Mr Minister, but I hope I can give you an emotional justification. You can look into these two, if not rationally, but at least emotionally.

One is the beautiful heritage Darjeeling train, which takes you to the hills of Darjeeling in a steam engine. Please give some money to keep the heritage of our great country going. The second one is the killing of elephants on train tracks.

Deputy Chairman, Sir, we believe we have given you some suggestions on passengers and on freight. We have given you a clear suggestion on accounting. We have highlighted all the projects in your thinking, without asking for new money, to pump in some money for West Bengal. If you like a more detailed discussion, we can sit tomorrow or the day after, on these projects.

Prabhu ji, these suggestions have not only come to you from a Member from an Opposition party, or a Member of Trinamool Congress, or a member of a party that had a few Railway Ministers in the past. These have come to you from a child of the Railways. My grandfather worked for the Railways for long. My mother had seven brothers, five of whom worked for the Railways, and who have recently retired. My two generations have worked for the Railways. The Anglo-Indian community has a long connect with the Railways.

I want to thank Mamata di, who had given me the opportunity to be the Chairman of the Passenger Services Committee for two-three years, when she was the Minister. I passionately feel about the Railways. I hope you will take the suggestion in that spirit. We thought this through; we have shared with you and now, please help Bengal.

Thank you very much.

Tapas Mandal speaks on Rail Budget 2015 – 16 | Transcript

Full transcript:

Thank you, Sir. I am thankful to you Sabhapati ji and my leader Mamata Banerjee, for allowing me to speak a few words on the Railway Budget 2015.

This is a unique Budget, propagating discomfort to the people of West Bengal.

First of all, I thank you Prabhu ji, to make it clear that West Bengal is not in the priority area of the NDA Government. Though, your Government is focussing on improvement of the eastern part of our country, as evidenced many times, inside the House and outside the House. By presenting this Budget, at least you have proved that either your leader is committing some mistake or you. It is my privilege, to hope that you are wrong.

Why, I am saying this, is because there are no specific budget allocations for projects in West Bengal. Projects of Rs 100 Crore are stuck in West Bengal. Allocation is very limited. Sometime back, Mr Ramesh Bidhuri from that side made adverse comments on Mamata Banerjee. She announced some viable projects in her tenure. It was not completed and continued due to the budgetary provisions by subsequent Government.

I would like to state that, Mamata Banerjee is the most popular Railway Minister in Independent India.  Sir, there is no mention of Metro Railway projects in the annexure of Railway Budget 2015. Please take this proposal from the eastern part of the country, for execution and your kind consideration.

My concern is my people, the people of my constituency and the people of West Bengal. We have lots of complaints and lots of grievance. I hope, that this may be your problem also, because you are also an elected member.

Please look into the matter as the Prime Minister of our country is supposed to look at the east.

Last year when the Finance Minister presented his General Budget, he declared to set up an AIIMS at Kalyani in Nadia district of our State.

Kalyani is an upcoming smart city. May you, show your kripa on Kalyani Metro via Barrackpur proposed route. When our leaders were the Railway Ministers they had sanctioned some amount for surveying the possibility of those proposed line.  I think this will be a vital proposal for implementation.

The numbers of local EMU trains running in Sealdah and Howrah station are not sufficient.  The frequency of the local trains needs to be increased at least during the peak office hours.  Millions of passengers are travelling in these sections each and every day. The number of compartments in the local trains needs to be increased from nine to 12, for accommodating the ever increasing number of the passengers.

The suburban railway stations of almost all states including West Bengal are being neglected for so many years. I want to draw you attention to the suburban railway stations. The toilets, the bathrooms of the suburban railway stations are in very bad conditions. You should look into the matter.

In my constituency, Ranaghat, the historical city, the railway station and the railway tracks run through the middle of the city. There should be an underpass for these areas. The initial work has already been done. The remaining part must be completed to facilitate the process of people’s movement from one place to other part.

There are a lot of unmanned level crossings falling under my constituency. One of such unmanned level crossing is between Ranaghat station and Cooper’s Camp Halt. This is a highly populated area and this should be looked into.

I would like to mention another important point. A lot of poor people live alongside the railway stations and railway tracks. They are from very poor background and they are from Bangladesh as refugees. Please look into the matter of their rehabilitation in better areas.

I conclude my speech with the expectation that all of these proposals will be looked into.

Thank you.

Arpita Ghosh speaks on Railway Budget 2015-16 | Transcript

Full transcript:

Bahut bahut dhanyavad, aaj mujhe is ahem mudde par bolne ka mauka diya gaya. Sir, iske pehle jab kabhi bhi Budget ki time ati thi, mai TV ya newspaper ke madhyam se janne ki koshish karti thi, ki hume kya mila. Matlab, hum jaise aam janta ko kya mila.

Par, is bar hamare leader Mamata Banerjee aur hamare kshetra ki janta ki badalaut se yeh Sadan me a kar Budget sunne ki mauka mili. Main unke bhi abhari hu. Is bar session me  baith kar Budget sunte waqt, har waqt yehi sunne ki chah thi ki ,hume kya milegi. akhir me nirasha chhor ke, kuch bhi nehi mili.

Sir, chand dino pehle humare Pradhan Mantri ji ne yesi Sadan me federal structure ke baath kiye tha. Rajya aur kendra ki mili bhagat kam karne ki baath kar rahe the. Unhone yeh bhi bole bharatvarsh ki purbi kshetra thora pichhe chal rahi hai, aur is kshetra ki development ke liye, woh vishesh udyog lenge. Aur jaha tak mujhe pata hai, Paschim Bangal bhi usi purbi kshetra main ati hai.  

Par Rail Budget main dekha gaya Paschim Bangal ke liye Prabhuji ne kuch bhi nehi diye. Main hairan reh gayi. 

Mai ek pichre huye kshetra se Sansad banne ayi hu, Balurghat Lok Sabha kendra jo north Bengal main parti hai. Jab Mamata Di,  Rail Mantri thi, unhone mere kshetra me pehle bar rail line layi thi aur kahi projects di thi, jaisa ki Balurghat Hili new rail line, new construction Itahar-Buniyadpur, new construction Buniyadpur, Kushmandi via Kishanganj, new construction Buniadpur wagon factory. Yeh wagon factory banne se bahut logo ki roji-roti intejam ho jata. Par, hairani ki baath yeh hai, ki Mamata ji Rail Mantrak chhorne ki baad se humare waha kaam bandh pare ha. Koi allotment nahi ho rahi hai. Ajeeb baath to yeh ha,i kuch project ki zikar bhi nehi hai. Balurghat – Hili Rs 200 Crore ki project mein Mamata ji chhorne ki baad keval Rs 2 Crore mila hai.

Funds ki namo-nishan nahi hai. Kolkata Metro ke halat bhi waisa hi hai. Jitne bhi projects Bengal se hai, zada tar projects mein koi allotments nehi hui hai aur bakiyo ki allotments ne hone ki barabar hai.

Sir, hamare mannaniya Rail Mantri Budget Speech mein bataye they ki Bharat ka Railways manchitra dhamniyo ki aisa network hai jo Bharatiyo arth vyavastha ki hriday mein jivandayi rakt ka sancharan karti hain. Mein namrata ke sat unko puchhna chahta hun, agar hriday ki kisi kone mein rakt sanchalan dhimi ho jaye ya bandh ho jaye, kya hriday ki dhadkan hi bandhi nahi ho jayenge?

Sir, mujhe yeh samajh mein nahi araha hai ke aisa kyon hua? Jab khud Rail Mantriji ne apne speech mein itni dawe ke saath strong political will ki baat bataein hai, mujhe koi ashanka ho rahi hai ki unki aankhon ki roshni Bengal tak na pahuchneki ka karan bhi strong political will nahi hai toh? Age chalke yeh baat galat sabit ho toh mujhse jaada khusi aur kisi ko nahi hogi, yeh baat bhi mein dabe se kah sakti hun, par abhi filhal yeh sochne ke siva aur koi chara bhi nahi nahi hai.

Mahilao ke safety ki leye kuchh alag hi sochenge yeh Rail Mantriji khud batyei hai magar kya sochonge nahi bataye. Mahilayo ke liye mahila bahini ke jo jikar Mamata Banerjee ke Budget me thi who bhi kahi dikhai nahi diye.

Aam janta ke liye ke soch hai Mantriji ki yoh bhi nazar nahi aye. 

Nazar aye to keya aye? Mobile charging points badai jayegi, kuch Wi-Fi ki baat sunai di, kuch speedy trains, bullet trains, yeh sab shunai di. Is ikkis wi sadi mein jab Wi-Fi ki baatein chal rahi hai, sayed hamara Rail Mantri bhul gayi hai ke mere kshetra ki Hili, Kushmandi jaisa bahut sare aise jaiga hamare desh mei hai jaha abhi tak rail line nahi pahuchi ya sanctioned project bandh pari hui hai.

Mantriji ne Budget ko Rs 1,00,000 Crore bataye hai, General Budget se Rs 40,000 Crore aur rail earning se Rs 17,000 Crore ki bat batain gayi hai. Baki Rs 47,000 Crore ka bandavast kaha se hogi, uski koi zikr nahi hai.

Sir, humein khed hai is baat ki, ki jivan mein pehli bar Sadan mein baithke jo Rail Budget samne mein ayi, who bahut hi aspasht aur dhundhla hai. Koi spasht rup samne mein nahi ayi hai. Ayi hai to kano mein gunjnewale kuch shabdo, ayi hai to kabhi sach na honewale sapne.

Mantriji, ho sake to us shabdo ko kuch rachna banaiye, ho sake to us dhundhle hue sapno ko sach kijiye aur Bengal ko Railway Map mei jaiga dijiye. Hamare jitney bhi budgets hai, uske bare mein dobara sochiye, khaskar mere  sansad kshetra Balurghat ke projects ko sakar kijiye.



Pratima Mandal speaks on Budget (Railways) 2015-16 | Transcript

Full transcript:

Sir, Rail humara jivan me gati lati hai. Yehi hai vigyan ka ek sresht ashwirvad. Bhartiye rail par humara garv hai.

Sir, two Hon’ble Members of my party already spoke on Railway Budget and covered all the points.

Sir, my constituency is Joynagar which is mainly a coastal based area. Sunderbans which is a famous mangrove forest and Royal Bengal Tiger habitat, is also situated under my constituency. I would like to state here two projects which are under my constituency and have become an urgent necessity.

Sir, Canning to Bhangankhali, it is the project of the then Hon’ble Railway Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee which is still pending. I would like to request the Hon’ble Minister, through you Sir, to start the project and would also like to request to kindly extend the project of Bhagankhali to Gadkhali.

People from Sunderbans come to Kolkata for their daily need. I would also like to inform the Hon’ble Minister, through you Sir, that train journey from Sealdah to Namkhana takes three hours. Sir, I would like to request the Hon’ble Minister to introduce one or two galloping train so that people reach their destination within a shorter time.

At the same time, I would also like to request the Hon’ble Minister, through you Sir, to extend this line from Namkhana to Bakkhali. Bakkhali is an attractive tourist stop, so that people from different parts of West Bengal can reach there easily. I would like to finally request the Hon’ble Minister to kindly sanction funds for these two projects.