Dr Santanu Sen makes a Special Mention on the increase of seats in medical colleges


Thank you Sir for giving me this opportunity. As you know, in the last session of Parliament, a Bill was passed in which it was said that 10 percent of the seats will be reserved in every college of all the sections for economically weaker sections. Accordingly, the Government of India appointed the Medical Council of India Board of Governors, issued a circular to all the state medical colleges to increase 20 percent medical seats.

Later on, they put forward certain conditions which were not there in the original decision. The conditions, which were as follows, mentioned that there should be reservation for SC/ST and OBCs, medical colleges should provide for 15 percent seats for all India quota and fees as per issued by the statement.

As per June 21 circular, there were 44 medical colleges in which seats were supposed to be increased from 150 to 200 but surprisingly out of 44, in 10 medical colleges it was made 150 to 175, in 15 medical colleges it was made 150 to 180 and in 19 medical colleges it was made … <interruptions>