Bengal Govt to construct 13,000 km of rural roads

The Bengal Government has decided to construct 13,000 km of rural roads in order to improve the rural economy, said the State Panchayats and Rural Development Minister recently.

For this, the government will invest Rs 3,100 crore, which is part of a Rs 7,800 crore project. For building rural roads, the State Government pays 50 per cent of the cost of a project. The cost of laying 1 km is Rs 60 lakh. PSUs like NBCC and NPCC have been engaged to execute the projects.

The initial plan was to build 7,000 km of roads but, after seeing the superior performance of the Bengal Government, the Centre has provided sanction for 13,000 km.

The minister also informed that the State Government would provide Rs 2,700 crore to widen and renovate 3,000 km of rural roads.


১৩০০০ কিঃ মিঃ গ্রামীণ সড়ক নির্মাণ করবে রাজ্য সরকার


গ্রামীণ অর্থনীতির উন্নয়ন করতে রাজ্য সরকার সিদ্ধান্ত নিয়েছে ১৩০০০ কিঃ মিঃ গ্রামীণ সড়ক নির্মাণ করার। একথা জানান রাজ্য পঞ্চায়েত ও গ্রামোন্নয়ন মন্ত্রী।

এই প্রকল্পের জন্য সরকার ৩১০০ কোটি টাকা খরচা করবে। গ্রামীণ সড়ক নির্মাণে রাজ্য সরকার ৫০ শতাংশ টাকা দেয়। প্রতি কিঃ মিঃ রাস্তা নির্মাণে খরচ হয় ৬০ লক্ষ টাকা। এই প্রকল্প প্রণয়ন করবে এনবিসিসি ও এনপিসিসির মত রাষ্ট্রায়ত্ত সংস্থা।

প্রথমে ৭০০০ কিঃ মিঃ রাস্তা নির্মাণের সিদ্ধান্ত নেওয়া হয়েছিল, কিন্তু, রাজ্য সরকারের কাজের মুন্সিয়ানা দেখে কেন্দ্র ১৩০০০ কিঃ মিঃ রাস্তা নির্মাণের অনুমোদন দিয়েছে।

মন্ত্রী বলেন, রাজ্য সরকার ৩০০০ কিঃ মিঃ গ্রামীণ রাস্তা চওড়া করতে ২৭০০ কোটি টাকা দেবে।

Source: The Statesman

Parliament: Trinamool corners Govt during Zero Hour

Trinamool MPs today slammed the Centre in both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha during the Zero Hour and the Question Hour.

In Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien joined other Opposition parties in cornering the Government over the manner in which they were handling legislation. He said the government should have propriety and should not set any bad precedent.

Sukhendu Sekhar Roy raised his concern over use of land earmarked for Air Traffic Control to build a shopping mall at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport.

In Lok Sabha, Professor Saugata Roy and other Opposition parties condemned the statement made by the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir; he demanded a clarification from the Government of India.


Highlights of Derek O’Brien’s intervention:

We have raised the issue of precedent. Last week there was an attempt made by the Government to withdraw some Bills.  That attempt was unsuccessful. The point I want to make is that of precedent; equally, and even more, important is proprietary. History should be the judge whether this should be done.

Highlights of Sukhendu Sekhar Roy’s intervention:

Three acres of land within Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport at Kolkata, which was earmarked for construction of new five-storied technical block of the Air Traffic Control and an 80 ft tower, which has now been proposed and transformed into a shopping mall. The way this Government is trying to privatise everything by compromising the safety of the air passengers to and fro from the city.

Highlights of Saugata Roy’s intervention:

I am speaking on the Adjournment Motion on the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister’s statement on Sunday, where he had thanked Pakistan, the militants and the Hurriyat, for the conducive atmosphere created during J&K Assembly polls. Yesterday, the Hon’ble Home Minister was kind enough to clarify that the Government of India did not associate with the views expressed by the Jammu and Kashmir CM.

The Home Minister mentioned that he had spoken to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister had informed him that the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister had not told him about his views regarding Pakistan. So, obviously, the statement of the Home Minister is at variance with that of the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister. In such a case, we would like the Hon’ble Prime Minister to clear the air about such a sensitive issue coming from a newly elected Chief Minister of a State, which is a border and a sensitive state.