Saugata Roy raises a Point of Order on the functioning of the Lok Sabha


Mera jo Point of Order hai on Rule 25 and Rule 31(1). Rule No. 31 (1) says, ‘A list of business for the day shall be prepared by the Secretary-General, and a copy thereof shall be made available for the use of every member.’ Kal jo List of Business tha, in that three Bills were included – the first was the Tribunal Commission, the second was the Dam Safety Bill. Members would have prepared for the Dam Safety Bill for today. But suddenly this morning we see that The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill, 2019, The POCSO Bill and the The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2019 are included. The Parliament cannot function at the whims and fancies of anyone. Neither the Parliamentary Affairs Minister nor the Minister of State nor the Secretary-General can change parliamentary functioning at will.

You read this, Sir, Rule 25: ‘On days allotted for the transaction of Government business, such business shall have precedence and the Secretary-General, shall arrange that business in such order as the Speaker may, after consultation with the Leader of the House, determine.’ Iss mein Business Advisory Committee nahin aata hai. You are mentioning the Business Advisory Committee. But the purpose of the Business Advisory committee is only to fix the time, the order of business and the list of business. It is prepared by the Lok Sabha.