Treatment of cardiac and blood-related problems to be free of cost in Bengal

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee announced that the State Government would soon make treatment of all types of cancer, cardiac problems and blood disorders completely free in state government-run hospitals and medical colleges.

The move by the State Government comes after a huge success of Fair Price Medicine shops and Diagnostic Centres.

The services to be provided would include all types of medicines, radiation therapy, surgical procedures like open heart surgery, bypass surgery, repair and replacement of valves and insertion of different types of implants like stents and pace makers, informed the West Bengal Chief Minister in a Facebook Post.

The scope of treatment of blood disorders including blood cancer, thalassemia, alplastic anaemia, hemophilia, etc would also be enhanced to offer universal coverage, the Chief Minister informed and said that the programme will be launched very soon after tying up the logistics and other issues.

Now, BPL patients are provided treatment and drugs free of cost at government hospitals. After the Chief Minister’s announcement, people of all income groups could avail themselves of free drugs and equipment.

WB Govt to provide free ‘stent’ for angioplasty to the poor

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee, who is also in-charge of the Health Department of the State, has decided the poor will be provided with free ‘stent’ for angioplasty.

This innovative step is being taken by the West Bengal Government after a detailed study by the specialised Committee formed by the CM. In the report submitted by the Committee, USA’s Bear Metal Platinum Chromium’s stent has been recommended. After negotiating with the company, the WB Govt drew up a model plan for free distribution of stent.

In the State Government’s Super Specialty hospital, SSKM, everyday nearly 200 cases of angioplasty takes place alone.

To apply for the stent, the concerned patient has to apply to the State Government through the hospital Super with a copy of his/her income certificate. After scrutiny, the same will be granted.  The stent also can be procured from the ‘Fair Price Medical Shop’, in that case it will be reimbursed by the ‘State Illness Assistant Fund’, later.