Saugata Roy asks a Question on reduction in ESI contribution


Thank you for clubbing the Question Sir and giving me an opportunity. Sir, two things are not clear. The Labour Minister is the Chairman of the ESI Corporation. They have reduced the employer contribution from 4.75 to 3.25; also the employees’ contribution. All the trade unions oppose this reduction of the employers’ contribution. 

Further, the ESI is s a good scheme for the workers. It is good that it is being extended but there are crores of ESI dues from different companies. In jute mills, which are there in my area, there are ESI dues amounting to Rs 100 crore. Also the ESI hospitals are not running properly, as the earlier Member had mentioned.

May I ask the Hon’ble Minister, through you Sir, as to what is the reason for reduction employers’ contributions? Is it to give relief to the capitalists and the big industry owners? What is the minister doing to recover ESI dues from companies which are in default and whether he will set up a committee to look into the state of affairs in the ESI hospital in my constituency? There is an ESI hospital in Kamarhati also; it is in doldrums. Will the minister appoint a committee to look into the affairs of the ESI hospitals?