51 enclaves in Bengal to get solar-based water pumping units for agriculture

In a bid to ensure that residents of “chitmahals” can channelise water for agriculture using “free of cost” power, The West Bengal Government is setting up solar based water pumping units in all the 51 enclaves that came under India.

The step is aimed to make the people residing in the enclaves self dependent. The project is a brainchild of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the state irrigation department has taken necessary initiatives to let people get benefitted as early as possible.

A total of 212 units will be set up in the enclaves in phase-I, benefitting 6360 families. Each of the units has the capacity of channelising water on 80 to 100 bighas of land.

They can also fill up small plots of low lands in the area using the units to initiate pisciculture.


৫১টি ছিটমহল এবার কৃষিকাজের জন্য সৌর ভিত্তিক পাম্পিং ইউনিট পাবে

ছিটমহলবাসীরা যাতে কৃষিকাজের জন্য পর্যাপ্ত জল পেতে পারে সেজন্য ৫১টি ছিটমহল এলাকায় সৌরভিত্তিক পাম্পিং ইউনিট চালু করছে রাজ্য সরকার।

ছিটমহলবাসীদের স্বনির্ভর করাই আসল উদ্দেশ্য। প্রকল্পটি মুখ্যমন্ত্রী মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়ের। তার এই স্বপ্নের প্রকল্পটি বাস্তবায়ন করার জন্য রাজ্য সেচ দপ্তর বেশ কিছু প্রয়োজনীয় পদক্ষেপ নিচ্ছে এর ফলে এলাকার মানুষ খুব শীঘ্রই উপকৃত হবে।

প্রথম দফায় ২১২টি ইউনিট স্থাপন করা হবে এর ফলে প্রায় ৬৩৬০ পরিবার উপকৃত হবে। প্রতিটি ইউনিটের ৮০-১০০ বিঘা জমিতে জল দেওয়ার ক্ষমতা থাকবে।

মাছ চাষের জন্য তারা ছোট ছোট জমিগুলো ব্যবহার করতে পারে।

WB CM welcomes first batch of enclave-dwellers from Bangladesh to India

First batch of people, who were living in Indian Enclaves in Bangladesh have today entered India. A group of 19 families that included 62 persons reached Coochbehar district crossing Changrabandha border post.

Following the implementation of Land Boundary agreement, around 1000 people living in Indian Enclaves opted for Indian citizenship while rest of them chose to stay in Bangladesh. However, people living in Bangladeshi enclaves in India preferred to stay in India.

Welcoming the people from Bangladesh, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee posted in social networking websites, “Pursuant to the historic Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh held in Dhaka in June 2015, where I was also present, the first batch of 19 families consisting of 62 persons from Indian enclaves in Bangladesh who have opted to stay in India entered our country today through Changrabandha in Coochbehar.”

She further adds, “I heartily welcome our brothers and sisters from “opar bangla” and wish them a very pleasant stay here.Our government will take full care of them.”

Long-cherished dream of citizenship of people of Chitmahal will be realized: WB CM

The West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee informed through social media that the enumeration work in the Chitmahal enclaves of India and Bangladesh has started from today. At the end of this process, the people of the Chitmahal will realize their long-cherished dream of citizenship, she said.

The West Bengal Chief Minister said on social media:

The enumeration work in the Chitmahal enclaves of India and Bangladesh has started from today.

This is a momentous day for my brothers and sisters of Chitmahal on both sides of the border. Because at the end of this process, they will realize their long-cherished dream of citizenship.

During this period of Ramzan, I convey ‘Mubarak’ and ‘শুভকামনা’ to the people of Bangladesh and India.

ভারত-বাংলাদেশ মৈত্রী দীর্ঘজীবি হোক…


Baithaki Bangla to strengthen cultural ties between two sides of Bengal: WB CM

WB CM Ms Mamata Banerjee arrived at Dhaka yesterday after 17 long years to attend the Bhasa Divas ceremony.

She has been invited as the chief guest of the ceremony by the Bangladesh Government. This is her first visit to Bangladesh as the Chief Minister of West Bengal.


Stregthening cultural ties 

‘Baithaki Bangla’ was the first engagement of the Chief Minister which was a platform for interaction between the luminaries of both the countries from the world of literature, drama, music. She would be later meeting the President and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh during her stay.

The cultural fraternity of both sides of Bengal met and discussed how to strengthen cultural ties and standing relations between West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Rising above borders 

WB CM Ms Mamata Banerjee called this initiative as a ‘meeting of minds’. At Baithaki Bangla, the CM said that no border in the world can divide the hearts of two Bengals. She proposed a series of steps to cement the cultural bond between her state and Bangladesh, including the construction of a “Bangabandhu Bhaban”, a building to be named after the country’s founder Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

“Political geography has divided us, but there is no division in our two minds. I feel proud to be a part of the Bhasa Divas celebration,” she said during her interaction with litterateurs and cultural figures.


Here is what she tweeted after Baithaki Bangla: 


Bhasa Andolon has strengthened ties between West Bengal and Bangladesh: WB CM

WB CM Ms Mamata Banerjee today laid the foundation stone of ‘Bhasa Smarak ’near the Birla Planetarium to pay homage to the martyrs of language movement.

The WB government had set up a ‘Bhasa Shaheed Smarak’ at Deshapriya Park earlier, but this one will at the heart of the city. After laying the foundation stone she said, “this Smarak will be a replica of the Dhaka University one and Jogen Chowdhury will modify it a bit. I am proud I will be in Bangladesh on 21 Feb. Thanks to UN for declaring it International Mother Language Day.”

Earlier in the day she addressed the press at the West Bengal Assembly. “The Bhasha Andolan strengthens the relationship between the two countries which share a large history and culture. I want the cultural, business, transport relationship with Bangladesh to develop further”, she said.

She expressed her gratitude to the Bangladesh Government for inviting her. She added, “I feel proud that the Bangladesh Government has extended invitation to us on the occasion of Bhasa Divas. The day is very significant in the history of Bangladesh. We have a very good cooperation with the Bangladesh authorities. I will be meeting the Bangladesh President and the Prime Minister.”

She also spoke about pending issues of border enclave and fishermen. WB CM Ms Mamata Banerjee has talked with the Union External Affairs Minister. She said, “We have requested the Center to prepare a rehabilitation package for the people living in the border enclave. Due to crossing of geographical boundaries, fishermen from both India and Bangladesh get arrested. We have been releasing the Bangladeshis, mostly fishermen, held as prisoners from time to time. Bangladeshi Government is also reciprocating.”


“West Bengal will act as bridge for cultural exchange between Bangladesh and India. In West Bengal we celebrate the Bhasa Divas by paying respect to all languages. I pay my tributes to “Bhasha Shahids” she added.


CM Ms Mamata Banerjee will be leaving for Dhaka later today. She has been invited as the chief guest of “Bhasa Divas” ceremony at the Central Shaheed Minar.