Dipak Adhikari makes Zero Hour mention about Ghatal Master Plan

Ami dhanyabad janai amader Mukhyo Mantri Mamatadi-ke jini amar opor bishwas rekhechen. Ami dhanyabad janai amar Lok Sabha kendror protyekta manushke jara amake bhalo beshechen, jara ashirbad korechen, jara dua diyechen, jader jonyo ami ekhane ashte perechi.

I want to thank our Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who has reposed her faith on me and guided me. I want to thank the citizens of my constituency who have showered their love on me, blessed me throughout and helped me reach here.

Ami je bishoyta niye kotha bolte chaichi she bishoyta goto 64 bochor dhore samasya hoye ache. Amader rajye duto district ache – ekta hochhe Purba Medinipur, ekta hochhe Paschim Medinipur. Ei Purba ar  Paschim Medinipur-e 22-ta block-e 20 lakh manuch samashyar modhye ache goto 64 bochor dhore.

The subject that I am going to speak on, is an issue dating back 64 years. There are two districts in my State of West Bengal – West and East Midnapore. 20 lakh people residing in 22 blocks of these districts are suffering due to the problem of floods for the last 64 years.

In 1959, the Man Singh Committee first named a plan called the Ghatal Master Plan. It took 20 years for the Planning Commission to approve the plan, and finally in 1980 the plan was sanctioned; in 1982, the foundation stone was laid. In the same year I was also born. I have grown up so big but the foundation has not turned into Ghatal Master Plan yet.

The plan is such a big proposal, shei jonyo eka Rajya Sarkarer jonyo shombhob na ei plan-ta eka korar. Sheijonyo amader Mukhyo Mantri goto paanch (5) bochor dhore shomane try kore gechen mader prakton ebong bortoman Kendriyo Sarkare kache, jeno ei Ghatal Master Plan-ta hoy.

The plan is such a big proposal that it is not possible for the State Government alone to bear the costs. For the last five years the Chief Minister has been trying hard so that the Ghatal Master Plan becomes a reality soon.

Ami jokhon Dilli-te ashchilam, Ghatal-er kichu lok amake bollo je ei bochor brishtir porimanta onek beshi, abar ei bochor bonya hobe. Toh ei bochor jodi bonya hoy toh amra ki korbo. Madam, bishwas korun amar kache kono jawab chilo na karon goto 64 bochor dhore amra ei jawabta khunjchi je adou ei Ghatal Master Plan-ta hobe ki hobe na.

When I was coming to Delhi, a few people in Ghatal told me that this year the amount of rainfall was very high and they did not know what they will do if the district is flooded. I had no answer, Madam. We are searching for an answer for the last 64 years but we have no idea when this Ghatal Master Plan will materialise.

Through you Madam, I want to know if this Ghatal Master Plan is going to happen, and if it does when is it going to happen and how soon is it going to happen.

Thank you.