Scared BJP trying to control the media: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today met the party’s Lok Sabha candidates at her Kalighat residence. She addressed the press after the meeting.

Here are some highlights of the press meet:

Reaction to BJP’s demand of declaring every booth in Bengal as super sensitive

I am really astonished. What is the reason for such a demand? This is an insult to the people of Bengal. Why are they so afraid? Why are they scared?

I have seen statements of BJP about law and order situation in Kerala. But there elections are being held in single phase.

During the panchayat elections in Tripura, 98% seats were uncontested. Now they have become saints? They are saying absolute lies, blatant lies, about Bengal.

99% of those who were killed during panchayat elections in Bengal were Trinamool workers. BJP is killing our workers.

Bengal is a peaceful state. All festivals are held peacefully here.

They are targeting Bengal because we are raising our voice against Modi and Amit Shah.

More than 40 lakh people came to Gangasagar for the mela. Not a single untoward incident took place. Durga Puja was held peacefully.

Even during the bypolls held last year, conducted by CEC, we won by 50,000 votes.

There must be a limit for everything. BJP wants CISF and CRPF to guard their leaders, not the country.

They want the media to be controlled also. This is a matter of shame, shame, SHAME.

They have lost their credibility. They want to control Trinamool, the forces, and even do not want collectors to work.

Does the BJP think there is President’s Rule in Bengal? We believe in federal structure. What audacity they have.

We must ask, is there any democracy in the country? Where is the freedom of press? They started persecuting N. Ram because he exposed the Rafale case. Now they want to control Bengal media.

Bengal is an intellectual land. This is the land of culture, unity. People of all castes, creed, communities live here in harmony.

We respect the Election Commission. They have to take care of the demands of all the political parties, not just BJP.

What is happening in Uttar Pradesh? How many people have been lynched in the name of gau-raksha? Mother of thieves shouts the loudest.

BJP wants to control me? They are so afraid of me?

They want to control the media. Next, they will ask the EC to ensure all votes go to BJP. They have become a laughing stock. Their expiry date is over.

I want to advise the BJP – go home and take rest. Media cannot be controlled by anybody.

They want to destroy the Constitution. Dalits, tribals, minorities, women and even Hindus have been persecuted.

In the name of NRC, names of 22 lakh Hindus have been removed. What is the motive behind Citizenship Bill?

I condemn the attitude of BJP leaders. Some vagabond leaders of the BJP are using money power, scaring the agencies.

I feel the press fraternity must rise against the BJP’s attempt to control the media.

Reaction to fake news on social media

Fake news is created and spread by the BJP. They are spending crores for running fake propaganda on social media.

The Election Commission must seriously look into the expenditure of the BJP.

BJP should not misuse their power.

BJP is using photos of the prime minister and the armed forces in political hoardings. We have complained against them.

Reaction to BJP’s charge of some police officers in Bengal being close to the administration

I respect all police officers, whether they belong to the State or the Centre.

I want to ask Ravi babu, Asthana owes his allegiance to whom?

There is undeclared super-emergency in the country.

Comments on Trinamool’s candidates for Lok Sabha election

41% candidates of Trinamool are women. We have not given them a ticket for the sake of it. All of them will win. We are confident.

Trinamool’s ideology is we are of the people, for the people, by the people.

We will work for the people. We will serve the people. We have to protect the Constitution. We have to restore the freedom of institutions. We have to maintain peace and harmony

Comments regarding non-payment of salaries to BSNL employees

BSNL employees are not getting their salaries. Many industries have closed down, and employees are not getting benefits. I have written a strong letter to the Prime Minister.

Comments on mahagathbandhan

We want United India. Our aim should be to defeat the BJP and remove Modi as the PM. We want a democratic government to be formed at the Centre.

For five years, the Prime Minister has not addressed a single press conference. The PM must answer what he thinks of this demand to control the media. He must answer.

Message to media

Don’t bow down your head. I am giving you my support. Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high… Be fearless. BJP has become very scared.