Manas Bhunia speaks on the Centre’s duty to help States reeling under debt burden


Sir, I want to draw the attention of the Honourable Finance Minister and the Prime Minister, through you, to the fact that certain States in our country are debt-trapped and debt-barred. West Bengal inherited the debt burden from the 34-year rule of the Left Front, a burden to the tune of Rs 2,03,000 crore. Initially the State Government.s mop-up resource was Rs 22,000 crore, now it has reached Rs 52,000 crore under leadership of Mamata Banerjee.

My submission is that this State is reeling under the debt trap crisis. The Central Government should come forward to approve and extend all possible help and consider a moratorium for the sake of the State’s development and economic upliftment. Under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, we are trying our best to improve the economic condition through all-round development.

I urge the Government, particularly the Finance Minister, through you, Sir, to consider the situation of West Bengal, along with that of other debt-trapped States, and provide moratorium at this moment. Thank you, Sir.