Buddhist stupas being restored as part of promoting heritage tourism

The State Tourism Department has started restoring several Buddhist stupas spread across north Bengal, informed the Tourism Minister recently in the Assembly.

This is part of the Tourism Department’s efforts to promote heritage tourism. Along with the restoration activities, the Government will launch several initiatives to augment heritage tourism.

He said that five stupas have been identified as of now, in Malda, Murshidabad and a few other districts, among which the work on the stupa in Jagjivanpur in Malda is almost complete.

Several stupas were constructed in Bangla in ancient times, starting with the Gupta dynasty, then by Harshavardhana, and followed by the Pala kings.

Another aspect of tourism that is being given stress on is bringing back horse-drawn carts (tanga) in Malda district. These can also be used to transport tourists, especially to and from monuments. At one time, tangas were available all across the district but their numbers have dwindled. Popularising them would lead to employment generation as well.



Source: Ei Samay

Image source: taleof2backpackers.com