Kolkata roads: A matter of pride for citizens

KMC made a commitment to provide the citizens of Kolkata with smoother roads. This promised has been fulfilled. Uneven roads and open craters on roads which remained unrepaired for days, now are tread upon effortlessly. There are around 4500 kilometres of roads combining the small and big ones.

During the last five years, almost all the roads in the city have been covered with mastic asphalt and black tar. This has resulted in increasing the speed of the vehicles and has reduced accidents.

There is very little scope to construct new roads in the city. In spite of that, two pilot projects have been taken up ­ – construction of Ultadanga underpass and Kolkata Road project. This has been done despite many difficulties.

Three of the centrally located and the busiest roads in Kolkata ­ the Park Circus Connector in east Kolkata, Rubi Connector and Anwar Shah Connector ­ were in a ruinous state. These roads have been handed over to Kolkata Municipal Corporation by the KMDA.

For the convenience of the citizens, roads have been made wider by narrowing the footpaths at places like Camac Street, Suhrawardy Lane, Park Circus. Roads at Joka and adjoining areas are now at par with roads of the rest of the city, thanks to the special initiatives of the Roads and Asphaltum Department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

For the first time in north Kolkata, ritzier milling machines have been used to renovate roads, thus providing better movement. Now, the roads of Kolkata are at par with the beautification drive of the city. They are a matter of pride to the citizens. Gone are the days of earthen roads or uneven roads. Beautiful and well built roads have resulted in even movements. Decorating dividers on major roads by planting shrubs has been an initiative to make the city green and beautiful.