Special ration package for the festive season

The State Food & Supplies Department has come up with a special ration package for the festive season. This special package would include edible oil, maida, and sugar.

The beneficiaries of Antyodaya and Special Priority (SPPH) under National Food Security Act (NFSA) will receive these ration packages. The total number of eligible beneficiaries would be nearly 3 crore.

Every eligible family will be entitled to receive 500 g sugar and 500 g maida twice during the festive period at Rs 30 and Rs 23 respectively. 500 ml and 1 litre of kachhi ghani mustard oil will be available at Rs 52 and Rs 101 respectively. Equivalent amount of palm oil will be available at Rs 48.50 and Rs 94 respectively.

The prices of these items have been subsidised by the state government. It may be mentioned that the government gives such a ration package during Eid too.