Rajya Sabha

February 9, 2017

Special Mention by Nadimul Haque on increasing trolling practices online

Special Mention by Nadimul Haque on increasing trolling practices online

In the last few years a new phenomenon has gradually evolved in Social Media known as “Trolling”. Trolling is when a person typically posts cynical, irrelevant remarks or off-topic messages in an online community. In recent pass many journalists, celebrities, politicians and even common citizens have faced abuse, ugly comments for expressing their views online.

Women are the worst victim of trolling practices. In the world of “Photoshop”, character assassination has become very easy. Death and rape threats online has become a common phenomenon and unfortunately one don’t know where to complain.

Sir, I appreciate the fact that few months back an “anti-trolling body” was set up by Hon’ble Minister for Women and Child Development to handle the complaints of trolling against women online. Hundreds of complaints were registered immediately but there is no awareness on the number of cases resolved and also about the present status and the success of this body.

Sir there is another serious concern related with trolling. It’s sad that we often categorize Journalists under the category of paid media but still consider paid trolls as Urban Myth. Trolling has become a much oraganised practice and is a tool used by political parties against their opponents.

Sir, without me, taking names – recently a senior lady journalist wrote a book called “I Am A Troll” highlighting how a particular political party has involved itself in organised trolling against all those who don’t adhere with their ideology.

Sir, this is a serious matter and needs immediate attention.