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February 4, 2017

Week 1: Trinamool protests against the Centre’s unfair policies and actions

Week 1: Trinamool protests against the Centre’s unfair policies and actions

The first week of the first part of the 2017 Budget Session of Parliament started on January 31 with the President’s Address.

On February 1, the Leader of the Party in the Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien gave his Motion of Thanks speech on the President’s Address, where he highlighted Trinamool Congress’ views on the severe shortcomings of the BJP-led Central Government.

Earlier that day, he had given a Notice under Rule 267 regarding the political vendetta being carried out against Bengal by the Centre, during which speech he had also spoken out against the apathy of the Centre to the 135 deaths that have occurred across the country till now as a result of the promulgation of demonetisation. (You can read the full notice here)

On the same day, in the Rajya Sabha, Md Nadimul Haque asked a question on the empowerment of rural women.

February 3 began with the Trinamool Congress Members of Parliament (MPs) protesting inside Parliament complex against the political vendetta by the Centre.

Derek O’Brien demanded Parliament observes a minute’s silence for the unfortunate victims of demonetisation.

On the same day, the Leader of the Party in the Lok Sabha, Saugata Roy, intervened to oppose the introduction of Specified Bank Notes (Cessation of Liabilities) Bill, 2017.

Later, he raised the issue of misusing of CBI for political purposes by the Central Government, during which time BJP MPs disrupted the House, leading to the adjournment of the Lok Sabha.

Thus, the first week saw Trinamool Congress protesting strongly against the unfair policies and actions of the Centre.