Rajya Sabha

February 6, 2017

Nadimul Haque’s Zero Hour mention on neglect of ex-sportspersons

Nadimul Haque’s Zero Hour mention on neglect of ex-sportspersons

Sir, I thank you for giving me this opportunity. Sir, I want to speak about the tragedy of those who made our nation proud, that is our ex-sports persons.


Jab apno ne diya dard toh duniya se kya kehna

Yun toh lakhon dard mile hain humein par iss dard ka kya kehna


Sir, while the nation is celebrating our recent win in Cricket against England there is a sad state of affairs which I like to bring to the notice of the House through you, Sir. A nation must honour its heroes – be it a soldier, a seller or a sports star. Wherever they go they are the ones who carry our country’s pride and calls with them.

But are we doing enough to honour those who make our nation proud? Are we taking care of those athletes who won middle through us? Though the Ministry of Sports has always talked about the efforts to improve sports facilities in the country it is important that they also start talking about the efforts to honor ex-sports persons who brought glory to our nation.

Sir, I am deeply saddened by the way they have been pushed to the margins of the sports in history and by the fact they have to spend their lives in poverty struggling to make ends meet.

Sir, Sarwan Singh a gold medalist in the 110 meters hurdles at 1954 Asian Games  worth as a taxi driver and finally as an agricultural laborer at the age of 70.

Yusuf Khan was the part of the gold medal winning team in soccer as 1962 Asian Games.

At the same games Makhan Singh won the relay games. Both led poverty stricken lives after retirement.

Gopal Bhangra in 1978 a world cup participant had worked in a stone quarry.

Kabaddi champion Shanti Devi sells vegetables and Sita Sau who won two bronze medals at 2011 special Olympic games in Athens now sells golgappas.

Sir, I have named just few, though there are numerous such cases. A small amount of monthly pension is now granted to our sports person under the sports fund pensions to meritorious sportsperson. But we need ask ourselves is it enough?


Beta kaisa bhi ho jaye per, Maa toh maa hi hoti hain

Tu jhak ke dil mein dekh kabhi hum kitne dard sahete hain

Maa hum bhi tere bete hain

Maa hum bhi tere bete hain