Rajya Sabha

February 2, 2017

Md Nadimul Haque’s question on empowerment for rural women

Md Nadimul Haque’s question on empowerment for rural women

Chairman Sir, women are the best support system for other women. They understand the problems best and together they can solve the problems in the best manner. It is important that more and more mahila mandals of women’s self-help groups should come up. It will provide a forum for rural women to discuss their personal, family, social and economic concerns.

Sir, my question is, what steps are being taken by the Government to establish at least one mahila mandal in each village of the country or at least in those ones which have a population of at least 500?

Sir, women’s reservation is not enough; if we want to comprehensively address some of the major issues concerning a society, we need to make women aware about their rights so that they can deal with issues like poverty, health, education, environment and local self-governance.


My question is, what are the details of the training programme the Government is running specially to empower rural women to deal with issues of social justice, environment and local self-governance?