Lok Sabha

December 6, 2021

Saugata Roy asks Supplementary Question on MUDRA loans

Saugata Roy asks Supplementary Question on MUDRA loans


Sir, the reply given by the Minister is skimpy. If you see the question, it asks whether any specific targets in this regard have been fixed with respect to .West Bengal. In the reply to CND, they mention nothing about West Bengal. The MUDRA loan was a favorite project of the prime minister. He had said initially that he wanted to help the cobbler with sewing shoes, and other things. But actually, MUDRA loans have not reached these small people. The micro businessmen have not got help. The ministry has not given the figures for West Bengal. MUDRA loans have been a disastrous failure. 

May I know from the Honourable Minister what specific steps is the government taking to enable MUDRA loans to reach the poorest of the poor and small and micro businessmen in the country, including in West Bengal?