Lok Sabha

December 2, 2021

Aparupa Poddar speaks during discussion on COVID-19 pandemic and related aspects under Rule 193

Aparupa Poddar speaks during discussion on COVID-19 pandemic and related aspects under Rule 193

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Thank you, hon. Chairman, Sir,for allowing me to speak on the discussion on COVID-19 under rule 193. I pay my sincere gratitude to doctors, nurses, health workers, police personnel,frontline workers who fought bravely during Corona pandemic. I stand by the
families who have lost their lives during this pandemic time. Hon. Chairman, Sir, I am starting from little early. Entry of nationals
travelling from China to India was banned from 5th February, 2020, although, 25 other countries had already confirmed about several COVID cases by January, 2020. India waited for another one month before banning entry of nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan.
It was not until March 22, 2020 after much confusion and chaos, and with a total of 2,92,142 cases confirmed across more than 150 countries globally, that India finally suspended all international travel, more than two months after it issued its first travel advisory. By then, silent carriers, at least 30 per cent of them, already affected India. During this period when lockdown was imposed by the end of March,
2020, we have seen shortages of emergency supplies specially masks, essential protective healthcare things like sanitizer etc. We have seen shortage of testing kits also. Shortages of protective gears have led to shutting the doors clinically. Even we have seen the doctors threatening to boycott their work in Lucknow. Ambulance workers were going on strike in UP.

In Chhattisgarh, doctors complained about the shortage of PPE. There were reports to the effect that doctors were using raincoats and helmets for protection. मैंयहाुंपर इसवलए नहीं खड़ीहुईह ुं वक मझ ेसरकार को विवटसाइज करनाहै, मैंयहाुं पर देश की जनता की प्राब्लम बतानेके वलए आई ह ुं और जो चीज कोरोना के टाइम मेंमैंनेफेस वकया है, वजस टाइम पर कोरोना फैला हुआ था, at that time, I was, myself, pregnant and in that situation also I had to go to my constituency and work for the people who have voted for me. लेवकन उस टाइम मेंभी मझ ेयेप्राब्लम्ब वदखाई दीं वक सेवनटाइजसभ नहीं वमल रहेथे, मास्क्स ठीक सेनहीं वमल रहेथे, लेवकन हमारेडाक्टसभ, हेर्लथ िकभसभ, यहाुं तक वक आशा िकभसभररल वडवस्ट्रक्ट्स मेंजाकर बहुत अच्छेसेकाम कर रही थीं। यह भी देखनेको वमला वक many doctors have died in this pandemic while they were giving treatment to the patients. लेवकन एक सिाल मझ ेसरकार सेपूछना है, जैसा येलोग कह रहेथे, अगर सरकार अच्छेकाम करगे ी तो विपक्ष मेंहोनेके नातेहम भी उसकी सराहना करगेंे, लेवकन जो पीएम केयसभफण्ड बनाया गया था, the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund was created on 27th March, 2020 following the COVID-19 pandemic in India and crores of rupees have been donated to this Fund. I would like to know from the Government in which area this PM CARES Fund has been used. The people of India want to know about this. अगर अच्छी जगह पर यूज हुआ है तो क्यों उसेपवब्लक के सामनेनहीं लाया जा रहा है? पवब्लक जानना चाहती हैवक वकस खातेमें आपनेइस पैसेको खचभवकया है? यह भी देखनेको वमल रहा हैवक अमेररका मेंअभी तक छोटेबच्चों का िैक्सीनेशन हो गया है, लेवकन भारत मेंअभी तक बच्चों कीिैक्सीन केबारेमेंकोईवजि नहीं वकया जा रहाहै।िैक्सीन केरटे्स काफी कम हैं। The Government’s target of vaccinating about 94 crore adults in India by December, 2021 is not getting met and only 30 per cent of the population is totally vaccinated. लेवकन यह भी देखनेको वमल रहा हैवक जहाुंपर भारतीय जनता पाटी की सरकार चल रही ह, ै उन राज्यों, जैसेहररयाणा, गोिा, गज रात, उत्तराखण्ड, मध्य प्रदेश, असम, विपर ा मेंफस्टभडोज 100 प्रवतशत तक होगईहैऔर सेकण्ड डोज लगभग90 प्रवतशत हो गई है। यह अच्छी बात ह, ै लेवकन अगर दूसरेराज्यों मेंिैक्सीनेशन नहीं हो रहा हैतो यह भी सोचनेिाला विषय है, क्योंवक इससेबीमारी स्प्रेड हो सकती है। यह क्यों नहीं हो रहा है, इसकेबारे मेंमैंसरकार सेमागुं करती ह ।ुं Then, what preparations have been made by the Government to prevent the spread of Omicron variant which has been found in India now. मैंमुंिी महोदय सेयह भी जानना चाहती ह ुं वक बूस्टर डोज केबारेमेंआईसीएमआर की गाइडलाइुंस क्या है?