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August 25, 2012

Trinamool Chairperson inaugurates Trinamool YUVA State Convention, says more youth participation needed in politics

Trinamool Chairperson inaugurates Trinamool YUVA State Convention, says more youth participation needed in politics

All India Trinamool YUVA held their 1st State Convention  at the Netaji Indoor Stadium on Saturday.

The programme began with the inaugural speech by Trinamool YUVA National President Mr. Abhishek Banerjee who welcomed all to the convention and expressed happiness for being able stand beside Trinamool Congress Chairperson and West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee in her struggle to return Bengal its lost glory. `Trinamool Yuva will work for the development of Bengal under the leadership of Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee. He requested youth to take inspiration from the simplicity and philosophy of Ms. Banerjee who always maintain the interest of Maa, Mati Manush above all. `Please remember that CM also mean Common man`, said Mr. Abhishek Banerjee.

Trinamool Congress Chairperson and West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on this occasion asked the youth to come forward and work for the country as there is a need for people who would become role models and inspire youth of today. `I want you all to realize the strength of youth, also I want more participation as we need leaders to build a healthy society. I also want the women to join in and be a part of the Trinamool YUVA . In today’s modern times women are doing everything and exhaling too. Why not you, come in large numbers and join Trinamool YUVA`, said Ms. Banerjee.

Trinamool Congress MP Mr.  Derek O’Brien congratulated National President Mr. Abhishek Banerjee on this occasion and requested leaders to share their experiences they had during the long association with Ms. Mamata Banerjee. He turns to Industry Minister Mr. Partha Chatterjee to share his experiences. 

Industry Minister Mr. Partha Chatterjee asked the youth to read the life of Ms. Banerjee which is full of struggle and get the inspiration from her life. Minister said Ms. Banerjee is a name of struggle, `I feel Mamata`s life can become a research subject for the students of History`, says Mr. Chatterjee. He recalled the collage days, `I was in Ashutosh College while she was in Jogamamya College and even in those days I saw protest in her. She would not accept CPI(M) atrocities and would rasie her voice`.

West Bengal State Urban Development Minister said `I would say that the CPI(M) is doing an anti propaganda against the Trinamool government trying to pull back the ongoing development in the state. I want to request you all and the youths in particular to protest against this in every way you can`. The Minister suggested that youth should take active part in political activities since there is a need for good party workers. `I want you to counter on facebook, twitter and all social media, even at tea stall where such discussions takes place`, added Mr. Hakim. 

Trinamool Congress MP Mr. Subrata Bakshi shared his experience of being with Chairperson since the days of her early political life and seeing her courage and dedication to stand against all odds. He narrated the gory incident of July 21st when Calcutta Police, under Left Front Government mercilessly opened fire and killed 13 innocent activists. Ms. Banerjee, then West Bengal State President of Youth Congress had organized Writers’ Abhijaan (march towards Writers’ Building) in demand that the ‘Voters’ Identity Card’ be made the only valid document to verify voters. In that scuffle 13 workers were killed and Ms. Banerjee was brutally beaten up by police. This day is observed as `Martyrs` Day` each year.

MP Mr. Sudip Banerjee congratulates Mr. Banerjee and Trinamool YUVA, `I want more participation of the youth in politics. I will inform Abhishek as he can take YUVA members in groups to New Delhi to watch proceedings of the house as this will enable them to develop the interest and also have the hang of the proceedings and how Parliament functions`.

State Finance Minister Dr. Amit Mitra congratulates National President and YUVA team. Dr. Mitra says, `I would like to draw your attention to the work that has taken place in the state under the able leadership of Chief Minister in these few months.You all will be stunned if I start sharing my experiences`. Minister complimented Chief Minister for taking the initiative to make VAT registration fully computerized. `I would also like the youth to take inspiration from Ms. Banerjee who works 24 X 7. She do not keep work pending for next day` added Dr. Mitra.

Ms. Mamata Banerjee told the youth to feel proud that they belong to Bengal and have respect for the great people this state has ever produced. `I would request you to have similar respect and affection for the motherland as you have for your own mother. Remember, the motherland holds an important place in our lives and we need to show our respects `. Ms. Mamata Banerjee concluded with the famous quote `You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time` by Abraham Lincoln. `I would like to say to those engaged in false propaganda to be careful as you may not be able to get along with it each time, I am not against healthy criticism but I will not accept false and concocted propaganda which you are doing to malign the government. I want you to stop this immediately`, added   Ms. Mamata Banerjee. She warned the organizations who are indulging in anti propaganda against the government and stop using the dignity of women as a subject and respect them. 

Chief Minister referring to the anti propaganda on social media platform said, `I want those of you who have a hang for internet and active on facebook, twitter, E-mail should and must make positive comments about the party and also promote the image of the party. I want you to counter the false propaganda made to malign the party image. I want the Yuva activists to come forward to counter these and let the truth unveil. I have faith upon you and know that what you can to contribute in building party image, other cannot do because they are employed by these unscrupulous agencies and you are doing it out of love and admiration. In the words of Swamiji, ‘there are many sub conscious minds within one mind and we explore them only when we go deep inside our minds. If we do not nurture our minds then how will we come to know what is hidden within’. Imagine there is store room where we dump unused things, when we go inside we come across many things actually we are not looking for but we have put them inside sometime. We find them and we enjoy exploring them. Like wise mind is a place where we store so many things but we need to explore the same`. She also requested the youth to abstain from wrong and bad things. `Do not think ill of people, do not indulge in false propaganda. I am always positive. Remember those who are negative they will always say no to everthing but those who are positive will always be ready to take challenges in life`, added Ms. Banerjee.  

The programme came to an end with the unique rendering of the slogan in a rhythm by the Ms. Mamata Banerjee as she does at the every Martyrs` Day programme on July 21. at – `ei aaschey kara, jachhey kara…aamra kara, monchey kara…` Entire Netaji Indoor Stadium joined Didi in this unique rendering  of the slogan in a rhythm.  Ms. Mamata Banerjee greets for Durga Puja and says that she is hopeful that the new platform will see many new leaders in the making.

Trinamool Chairperson gave her best wishes to National President Mr. Abhishek Banerjee and Trinamool YUVA . `I will meet you again when I will take your session, I would like to interact with you all as I want to know what you are thinking and how you look at politics. `I will give you a new slogan and would like you to always say `Maa, Mati, Manush Zindabad` (hail mother, motherland, people) and `Maa, Mati, Manush Dhonnobad`, (thank you mother, motherland, people).


Transcript of Chief Minister`s Speech:


I thank  Derek, Abhishek, Karan, Sudipda, Saugata da, Amit Mitra, Shovan da, Balu, Jatua shaheb, Nadim, Amitda, Balu, Jatua  Shahab, Bakshi, Parthada, Bobby, Arpita, Alok, Gautam Deb, Shyamal, Chandrima, Vivek, Sonali, Ananya, Amiya da and all my friends especially young representatives of the YUVA. I welcome you all.  
YUVA, a new group which is organizing themselves as an organization working towards blending socio economy and political; their main objective is to groom young people into politics from different socio economical classes. They are trying to build a society which will have people with good character and ethics. Such an organization is the need of the hour in our society. Indeed, this is a big responsibility and to make this dream transform into reality we have decided to come up with a new platform – All India Trinamool YUVA. Ther is no doubt that ther4e are young leaders like Abhishek and the entire team who are in thye front of the organization but also there are seniors like Derek  to assist these young people and groom into good leaders. They will monitor the working of this new group on the behalf of the Trinamool Congress party, Partha da and Bakshi da are already there as they take keen interest in all party related activities. 
We are celebrating 150th birth anniversary year of Swami Vivekananda, and on this auspicious occasion I would like to reiterate the call of the hour is to build an organization of youths who will build a nation with a positive outlook towards life. Youth must think positive. They should dedicate their lives to build a group of youngsters who which will work for the development of the society and not just be concerned about their own interest. This group should be able to give life a human face. We all who takes birth in this world face a lot of problems and struggle to exist. Please tell me, is suicide the only solution to our problems and if we commit suicide does all problems ends. I refuse to accept. Just because you are depressed because of some false propaganda instigated by somebody, you take to suicide. I ask you, why will you think of taking a drastic step? Please don`t do this and abstain from even thinking of such things. Please remember you are your own judge of your deeds and if you have confidence upon yourself only then you can succeed in life – trust yourself, trust your conscious. Have faith upon yourself. I want 100-young-youths who can inspire 1000-fresh youth. They will go around booths and work selflessly for the society. Please remember still today there are people who don`t have food to eat , who are deprived of basic amenities, who are exploited and live a miserable life, there are very few who talk about them, very few who take their plight to people.  
In the earlier days there was media which used to talk of these people, I do not say all media in today`s time are unscrupulous as I am aware of so many media which do work for the betterment of the people but there are media houses which cover news for business purpose. I am being reprimanded by the Press Council Chairperson on various issues which I take positively, I know he is doing his job and I respect the views. Today, I  was reading a letter issued by him requesting me to write a message about the working of the media. I am quoting from what he has written. He says that today`s media is no longer the same old media and he has even explained the working of the media. Well, I will certainly write down a message since he has asked for it and I respect his sentiments.  I know the reality and also understand the difference as previously a reporter would do a news story selflessly, I am not blaming any reporter as I understand it is not his fault as he is mere doing his job. I have full respect for them and this is why I have introduced pension scheme for them. Today the media house works under the instigation of vested interests and reporters are given certain guide lines. They are told to write and cover news on a given format. This is like purchasing people on the lines of the CPI(M) does to purchase cadre. I am not talking of all, I know there are many decent medias too. These media houses purchase people by paying one-lakh, 50,000 or five-lakh rupees and make them speak according to what they want them to say or do. I am telling this as I have come across people who have been used for the purpose. I met a few people who confessed that they received the amount and when I asked them how much amount they received. I was told that before the election they got specified money and after elections were being paid on terms. I say with all conviction that yes they do pay, they pay, they pay; This is their regular business. I feel that people should be educated that what they are saying and showing is all in the interest of their business and not in public interest. There are many media houses those who are impartial and still today cover news putting their lives at risk. Often these are small houses which cannot afford to pay much or hire people by paying huge salary but they are genuinely covering the news. In this context I recall what Firhad Hakim was telling me a few days ago, I was stunned to hear what he had to say, Firahad Hakim is present here, you can ask him. He said, ‘Didi do you know that there are some houses which actually employ people by paying 50,000 or one-lakh rupees to make false propaganda and if required they even make false diary and later they even take back their complaints, the house which has employed him/her takes care’.  I was shocked and stunned to hear this, which means you cannot trust anybody. I told him the sad part is today the same people who are listening will one day turn a deaf ear to even incident which is true and genuine like famous `rakhal and balok` story. I want to make it clear that we will not condone any wrong in the society provided it is true and genuine, I will be the first to stand up against ant crime. I believe people are my family, after my mother’s demise I am alone and I have dedicated my life for the people. I challenge all and say whatever our state government has done within this short time period after the `parivartan` is not possible for any government. I am challenging coz I have that guts; come and talk to me, debate, argue if you have any doubts. Don’t play with false propaganda and create nuisance as it is a crime. I warn you, just because you have access to media don`t try to prove false as right by showing murders and rapes. Don’t try to influence people. I am aware of the law too, I did not go to learn law as I did not get an opportunity but I have gained enough experience while working on the grounds. It will not be easy to fool me. I understand model code of conduct of police force, PRESS and even political parties. I am telling you this as you are the next generation and must know the reality. I want you to know the reality. You are the next generation of the country, the pillar of the country. You have to be dynamic, determined, disciplined, and punctual.  
Everybody wants to fight against corruption but the real issue is charity begins at home. Law never discriminates between the two so try to look at yourself before making false allegations. If I commit a crime then my doing is also wrong. If I start digging out the old corpse, wrong and false stories of yours, endless defamation cases then you will be in an embarrassing position as I can show you all if you want and I can expose your reality in front of masses. Do not instigate me to dig out the filth, if I bring out the dustbin then I challenge that you will have to run away to save your faces. I really do not want to do this unpleasant thing. I do not want to intervene into privacy as its their personal lives and I am not entitled to do so either. Please follow the ‘Laxman Rekha’ as we all need to abide by the same, I cannot go around and doing whatever I feel like just because I am the Chief Minister. Those who are into student’s politics that’s his/her limit, the one who does youth politics, it’s his/her limit and who is working with women politics its her limits. We call this a boundary, the limitation, the jurisdiction.
I want those who have the hang for internet and use facebook, twitter, E-mail should and must make positive comments about the party and promote the image of the party. I want you to counter false propaganda against Trinamool to malign image. I want you, the YUVA activists to come forward and counter these. I have faith upon you and know nobody can contribute in this direction as you can since you are doing this out of sheer love and admiration but those spreading these them are actually paid agents. In the words of Swamiji, there are many sub conscious minds within our minds and we explore them when we go deep inside our minds. If we do not nurture our minds then how will we come to know what is hidden within. Imagine there is store room where we dump a lot of unused things, when we go inside we come across many things actually we are not looking for but we have put them inside sometime. Same way the mind is a place where we store so many things but we need to explore the same. I want you to think positive and abstain from wrong and bad things. Do not think ill of people, do not indulge in false propaganda. I am always positive. The negative people will always be pessimistic to everything in life but those who are positive will always be ready to take challenges in life.
I want to hear from you ‘I will, I will, I  will, I will do,  I will do,  I will do; I will build, I will build, I will build; I will be positive, I will be positive, I will be positive’ and with that you will always abstain from false propaganda. You will always stand beside people in all situations. Do not become like the many human rights organizations that boast of human rights but actually are the most inhuman in nature. There are many NGOs who are minting money from over seas and enjoy luxurious lives. However, there are also many NGOs who work really hard and I have all respects for them. Please always derive the good from people and emulate the qualities. 
I get disturbed when I see people are trying to cheat or deprive others. I am surprised to see some elements try to lecture me on human rights, I am someone who have fought for the cause all though my life. Have you forgotten those 21 days when I sat on a fast on Dharmatala in 1995. Ask Sudipda, Bakshi, Parthada who have seen me sitting on the dharna. In those days almost everyday a case of custody death was reported and gross violation of human rights. I took to protest against the ongoing situation. I compelled the judiciary to amend certain CRPC Acts. I am aware of human rights. I have been everywhere – from protecting human rights to Bhikari Paswan to Manwar Ali to Bantala and many more.
I see a lot of people are indulging in false propaganda against the industrialization, my advise to them will be to have a look at reality and then comment. There is a 4.5 percent growth in industry, 16-railway factories taking place in Bengal. I have tried to develop Bengal to my utmost during my tenure as railways minister. In Haldia we are making a state-of-the-art railways factory, we are constructing a Industrial Park in in Nandigram`s Jellingham in partnership with railways, SAIL and state government. Apart from that there are two rail factories coming in Dankuni, one of them has started functioning.  Railway factory in Kachrapara. We are going to inaugurate the factory in Siliguri within a few days. Wagon factory in Buniyadpur, Haldia and Kulti. Do not forget there will be a huge ancillary industry that will come up around these factories. I even came to know from the TVC group that they were threatened asking them why were they constructing factory now and did not do so during the Left regime. I am happy they refused to listen to them and replied that they will construct the factory and will not get influenced by any anti factions. I have enough reports that these factions are even threatening other willing to come to this state and warning them from coming to Bengal. May I ask you who are you to decide as who will come and expand their business. I want to tell you please stand away and let people of Bengal decide as what is right and wrong. I can tell you that Bengal will become a topic of discussion in another few years. I can tell you people all over the world will discuss the development of Bengal and will take inspiration from us.
Today the rates of fertilizers are touching sky, nobody is even aware of this inflation which is making the farmer`s life hell. We know this because we have a mechanism to monitor the situation. Today essential commodities prices are soaring high. I have taken the initiative to raise my voice. I want to ask you in which state has any Chief Minister  taken the pain and initiative to go to all the districts and hold meeting with the administrative officials. I will give you the reply – nobody, excepting West Bengal. I am again going from August 28, 2012 and will tour – Nadia, Maldah, North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur. I am again taking the entire Writers` Building along with me. Well, why I am taking the entire Writers` Building with me, the reason is simple, just as we pledged to remove the Left from this state after 34-years, likewise we are committed to develop this state and we will do it at any cost. We will have to put more hard work and become more dedicated in our work.
Today Amit da, our finance minister has sent me a file, I was seeing before coming here and was surprised to read that almost every document was missing and there was a bif NA written against the document. This is commonly used in hospitals when doctors are unable to locate any ailment they write NA. I would lioke to suggest Amitda, to lodge a FIR since many important documents were missing and I feel a strong action should be initiated.
Updating yourself is very essential. You may have good education and are talented but if you do not update yourself then you get stale. I will explain it to you, why do we clean our dirty linen. We do it to look fresh. You may apply oil or shampoo in your hair but you need to apply something or else your hair will smell dirty. Same way, we cook to have fresh food since the food we preserve in refrigerator for days will gather fungus. The crux is to feel fresh and rejuvenate in whatever you do.  I want to tell you to have respect for your body. You will feel fit only if you stay healthy and you need to exercise to stay fit. You may think why am I saying all this, I am saying because I want you to realize that importance of your heath and take adequate care. It`s like automobile, the only difference here is instead of nut and bolt you have muscles and cartilages and to churn them you need to exercise.  I will cite an example – In 2004 at Gopiballabpur, I was standing at 20-feet high stage and I could feel that the stage was gradually crumbling down and when I landed on the floor I was totally upside down; my head was on head and legs upward. The neck got dislocated which if broken could have been fatal. Later we realized it was a ploy of the Left to kill me as they have made a silent explosion. I could not walk for months. I had hurt my spinal chord. Then I took advice of doctor who suggested that I must do exercise, today touch wood, after doing all the exercise and walking, I am capable of walking faster than anybody else. All I want to say is our body is driven by what and how we maintain. There may be some problems but that is normal. I maintain a work schedule and want you all to follow the same. I have not taken off from Writers’ even for a day. I work on Saturdays too – even I was at Writers’ before coming here and will go back. I do not keep any file pending for next day, it’s my nature. What if I forget later, the work will be on hold. I suggest you to finish all your pending work on time.
Please do not stay depressed over issues like financial crisis, I understand there may be problems but that does not mean you will take to depression. Money is important but still financial identity is not your real identity rather it is you yourself which is your identity.   People should know you by you quality and wealth. I am aware of people on television channels who mock me and ask why did Mamata Banerjee give advise to stand on your own feet etc, I say this because I have seen enough hardships and I was a student of Jogamaya Devi College and during that phase I was involved in student`s politics. I did tuition to run my expenses and even taught in a small school. I even worked at a milk depot. I am proud of myself for not asking for any money at home to run the unit. There are many who have risen from the ground and I am saying this from my experience.  I have noticed that many people have the tendency of running after government jobs and would not work in any other place. This is wrong as you should not degrade any work.
There is a system to everything and we all have to abide that system. I will give you an example – suppose I pour large amount of salt while cooking the food will be destroyed as nobody will be able to eat that food. Similarly, if I put sugar in place of salt then the food will go waste too. The reason I am telling you this is because you need to concentrate in whatever you are doing, there is a system to everything and everything need to be done systematically. Life too moves in a system.
I am surprised to see certain section of people in the society engaged in mindless anti-propaganda. They are continuously engaging themselves in anti-propaganda to suffice their business needs. I want you to counter these wrong doing but not by strength but argument and writing comments on Facebook. The main objective of YUVA is to develop morals, ethics and honesty, to love people and give leadership to new generation. I am proud to inform you that within these few moths our government has been able to provide employment to six-lakh unemployed youth and I am hopeful that we will be able to provide more.
I want you give up all depression and think positive as depression has no place in life. I will request you to start taking walks, talk to children, listen to music, go through albums but don’t sit alone with a gloomy face in a close room. Do not confide yourself within the closed boundary and think of committing suicide. I want to build an institution where we will train 1000 young boys/girls who will visit villages and interiors to see what were the problems and issues that people face in daily life. I will request Derek to prepare a plan of action and detailed report. I want the youths to develop the leadership quality.
I want to ask you if you want to do a government job then how much you can earn, may be 7,000 to 15,000 and may earn a little more if employed with central government but considering the present situation we do not know if the government will stay of not. However, we are doing our utmost to cooperate. Suppose you are a brilliant student and have been educated abroad. After coming to India you are offered a high profile job and a salary structure which may range from one-lakh to five-lakh but if you indulge yourself in building young generation and infuse leadership quality in them then you will be the source of providing employment to lakhs, you tell me which one would be your preference. Don’t waste your life by just confiding within office and work for few lakh of rupees. Think of us, we began at an early age and did not even realize when we grow old. There was endless struggle on our way but we have come across all that. We took a challenge in life and have become successful. We have won and I assure you we will conquer more odds on our way. Those who are underestimating Trinamool Congress must remember that our party will emerge as the strongest political party in coming days under the principle of honesty and ethics. Our motto is ‘Trinamool Congress for the people, off the people and by the people’. I want you decide now if you want to work in office or dedicate yourself in building a nation. Those who are in dire need of money to survive can work but then we will also provide financial assistance. However, you can do both at the same time also as the famous saying in Bengali goes ‘je randhe she chul o bandhe’. Today’s women are working hard and in this regard let me tell you that we have made 50 percent reservation for women.
We will be celebrating World Youth Festival in Bengal and we will call you again then. We will hold one-month-long youth festival in all blocks and districts. We will also organize youth festival at all India level. Please make yourself available and be ready to come between December and January. Please maintain communal harmony. Do not pay heed to any anti-propaganda. I want you to understand how these people indulge in such conspiracy; first it was child death which was actually huge during the Left rule but then nobody resisted. I took a target of building 40-pre-natal-care-units, we have build 22-pre and will construct the remaining in coming days, you can ask Chandrima who is present here. You have Balu, food minister, ask him how we arranged food in Jangalmahal, there was no shops. After that they made farmer suicide an issue, whenever somebody committed suicide they would term it as farmer. Now they have explored a new issue – rape, they are making this as a prime subject to gain cheap popularity. I warn those who are using the dignity of mothers and sister to gain their selfish motives, ‘kontho amar rudhho ajke banshi shongeet hara, amabosha r kara, lupto korechey amar bhubon dushopno r tole, tai to tomai shudhai osru jol e, jahara tomay bishaichey balu, nibhaichey tobo alo, tumi ki tader khoma koreyecho, tumi ki beshecho bhaalo’. I will not tolerate anybody to malign the image of mother and sisters and I want you all to raise your voices. Every brother should come out in the open and protest. I want you to keep your eyes open, these days every thing is open and all sort of business are taking place. Please do not fall trap to any such allure and destroy your career. At the same time I would like to reiterate that there will no compromise with criminals and genuine cases will be dealt strongly. This is according to system and law and if required then the police will register a diary too. Please remember that we can accept certain things provided they are within a limit but after that it gets intolerable. ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time’ by  Abraham Lincoln. I would like to say only this much to those engaged in false propaganda to be careful as you may not be able to get along with it each time, I am not against healthy criticism but I will not accept false and concocted propaganda which you are doing to malign the government. I want you to stop this immediately. 
There should be no confusion or confrontation among the Trinamool Chatra Parishad and Trinamool YUVA . They will work according to their designated programmes and you will work according to your framework. In fact I would say your boundary is bigger as you will be building a new generation and inspire them to be a human being. Chatra Parishad will work within student`s community. Your work is to inspire them and mnake them realize their hidden qualities and strengths. I want them to feel proud to take the mane of Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Nazrul, Gandhiji, Maulana Azad, Dr. Ambedkar and most important they should be proud to belong from Bengal. Just like you touch feet of your own mother before stepping out of your houses, likewise they should dedicate themselves for Bengal -`Maa go tomar bhaalobashaa e jibon amar dhonno, Maa go tomar shanidhhey hridoy amar dhonno`. `Banglar mati, Bangla r jol, Banglar Bayu, Bangla r phol punno hog he bhogoban`.  I want you all to walk ahead with these principals in life.
Am I able to make you understand? I know you all are here since morning and may be hungry and thirsty but I want you to take a pledge that you will dedicate yourself in the nation building work and selflessly prepare a new generation which will be able to take the despicability of future generations.
I want you to be loud and make a commitment :
Will you all try to become good people?
Will you prepare yourself?
Will you counter anti-propaganda?
You will prepare yourself and make people understand, inspire them to a better life?You will abstain from wrong?
You will never give place to negative thinking?
You will think positive?
You will be good to others?
Then I will say in the end; catch us if you can, do whatever you want to, if you can follow the work we are doing then do, fight back of you can and if you cannot then do all these then leave the place for those who are willing to work and develop the state. You go to your houses and sleep. We will stay awake.
Jago Bangla,
Jago Bangla Maa,
Wake up students,
Wake up youths,
Let Bengal wake up to the new development,
Let my Mother wake up, my Sisters and brother too wake up.
My youth and students, I will not be in this world always, but before I go I want to pass on the responsibility unto you all. I want you to take the responsibility and come forward. I want you all to be the face of this state in future.
Maa, Mati, Manush Zindabad, Maa, Mati, Manush Zindabad, Maa, Mati, Manush Zindabad and today I will give you a new slogan Maa, Mati, Manush Dhonnobad, Maa, Mati, Manush Dhonnobad, Maa, Mati, Manush Dhonnobad. Always remember that Maa, Mati, Manush is above everything and you must respect common man. I will meet you again when I will take your session, I would like to interact with you all as I want to know what you are thinking and how you look at politics. I will meet you again when I will take your session, I would like to interact with you all as I want to know what you are thinking and how you look at politics.