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August 14, 2012

Chief Minister says without economic independence development is useless, everybody should have food and shelter

Chief Minister says without economic independence development is useless, everybody should have food and shelter

`We are going to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow. Still toady many do not have food and shelter. I feel without economic independence development has no value. Basic requirements are important. I want masses to come forward. We need Manpower, not muscle power or money power`, were the words of West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee who was speaking at the Assembly House on the occasion of a special session being held to commemorate the completion of 75-years of West Bengal State Assembly House. Today was the second and last day of the two-day-long celebrations.

Narrating famous lines `Saare Jahan Se Achcha, mazhab nahi sikhata apas mein bair rakhna…Hindi hai hum, Hindi hai hum…watan hai Hindustan hamara…` penned by the great Urdu poet Mohhamad Iqbal, she explained the glorious legacy of the Bengal Legislature in Hindi and said our legislature has a illustrious past which deserves respect. `Bengal is a place where we show equal respect to mahatma Gandhi and Netaji. Wheatear it is Babu Rajendra Parasad or Dr. Ambedkar or Maulana Azad, we respect them all. This is our tradition. I welcome you all to Bengal where we have the tradition of being cordial`. Ms. Baenrjee expressing her happiness over the  discussion that took place on this occasion and stressed on the need to have more people who have the courage to spell out facts and truth. `I have always appreciated those who can speak truth and stand by their conviction. I want more and more participation of the masses in the development work as only then we will be able to achieve the target`, added Chief Minister who added, `I feel there is nothing wrong in confessing and accepting mistakes as we all are humane and we can commit mistakes`.

`We celebrated 150-birth-anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore last year and I am happy that we were able to have a nice programme. We will celebrate birth-anniversary of Dwijendra Lal Roy, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray and Swami Vivekananda this year and I am hopeful that masses will participate in these programmes`, said Ms. Banerjee.

Ms. Banerjee quoting famous lines from Rabindranath Tagore `Banglar mati , Banglar jol…Banglar bayu, Banglar phol…Punno houk, punno houk…` said, `I am hopeful that we will walk ahead and reach our target and I know that Bengal is capable of doing it. We have talents and dedicated people who will take Bengal ahead`.