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July 31, 2018

I want my nation to be united, won’t allow divisive forces: Mamata Banerjee

I want my nation to be united, won’t allow divisive forces: Mamata Banerjee

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today addressed a Conclave by CBCI office for Education & Culture and Pilar Fathers (Delhi Province) at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. The theme of the talk was ‘Love your neighbour’.

During her speech, the CM vocally advocated for communal harmony, and slammed the ruling party at Centre for their divisive politics. Referring to the plight of citizens not included in the National Register for Citizens (NRC) in Assam, she said one cannot divide and rule.

She reiterated her commitment towards working for all, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or community.

Highlights of her speech:

  • I am deeply honoured and privileged. I have been invited to speak on the subject ‘Love your neighbour’. It is a beautiful subject. We all love our neighbours.
  • Christian missionaries are doing good work in the social and educational sector. They are running 54,937 schools with six crore students, 30 lakh employees and more than 1000 health centres are run by missionaries. You are doing very beautiful work.
  • You work for the downtrodden, the poor, the underprivileged. I have seen Christian missionaries in north Bengal tea gardens and Kolkata. I am overwhelmed by their actions.
  • I knew Mother Teresa very well. I remember some incidents related to her. During the riots after Babri Masjid demolition, I had seen Mother Teresa helping people in Sealdah area.
  • Jesus Christ had preached about loving your neighbour. What did he mean by that? It is clear – you must love all. You cannot divide and rule.
  • If any individual commits a crime, why is the Missionaries of Charity being targeted by a particular party?
  • What is going on in Assam? The NRC problem. It is not only the Bengalis, it is the minorities, it is Hindus, it is Bengalis, it is Biharis. More than 40 lakhs people voted yesterday for the ruling party and suddenly today they have been made refugees in their own country.
  • The family of former President Fakruddin Ali Ahmed is also not on the NRC list. What will they say? Is this ‘love your neighbour’?
  • What we are watching nowadays is of great concern. Justice is being denied. When people are helpless, we have to provide them protection.
  • What is happening with tribals, Dalits, minorities – we are not supporting this. Should we love those who are carrying out lynchings?
  • My first prerogative is to be with the people. Why should Christians, Muslims, Dalits, tribals be isolated?
  • Please extend your cooperation fully to the helpless people. I don’t understand their audacity. They are saying now it has happened in Assam, next it will be done in Bengal. How can they decide who will stay in this country and who will not?
  • India is our motherland. Anybody can stay in any part of the country. If Bengalis say Biharis can’t stay in Bengal, South Indian people say North Indians can’t stay there and North Indians say South Indians can’t stay here. What will be state of this country, because we are together. Our country is a family.
  • As long as I am alive, I will ensure justice will not be denied. Underprivileged people will not be deprived. I want my nation to be united, I will not allow divisive forces.
  • Are only supporters of ruling party (BJP) allowed to stay in India? What happened in Jharkhand may happen in Chhattisgarh and Bihar. It will not happen in Bengal, we are there to provide protection.
  • Only to win polls people can’t be victimised. Don’t you think people who’s name isn’t in list will lose a part of their identity? Please understand India-Pakistan-Bangladesh were one before partition. Whoever came from Bangladesh to India till March 1971 is Indian citizen.
  • India is a secular country. Just because I am in power, I will destroy everything, that cannot be! It is like a megalomaniac People cannot be victimised only for electoral politics.Many people from my State have been put in detention camps. Are they not Indians?
  • Let us be together. Let us love our neighbour worldwide, nationwide, statewide, district-wise, community-wise, caste-wise, religion-wise.