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August 13, 2022

For us, INDIA means UNITY: Mamata Banerjee

For us, INDIA means UNITY: Mamata Banerjee

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of Independence Day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee changed her display picture on Twitter. The picture shows some of the most famous freedom fighters of the country along with a stylised national flag. There are Mahatma Gandhi, Rishi Aurobindo, Raja Ram Mohun Roy, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and others.

She tweeted the following:

INDIA… Where diversity THRIVES despite differences.
INDIA… Where people of varied cultures and religions peacefully COEXIST.
INDIA… Where democratic values and people’s rights are UPHELD.
Yes, this is our INDIA!

Aren’t we all the proud people of this beautifully diverse land?
For us, INDIA means UNITY.
But, our ideas vary.
What then, my fellow Indians, is your idea for this great nation?