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December 31, 2016

End of #Demonetization and Start of #DeModitization. Modi babu wanted 50 days, he failed: Mamata Banerjee

End of #Demonetization and Start of #DeModitization. Modi babu wanted 50 days, he failed: Mamata Banerjee

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lashed out at the Prime Minister after his year-end speech today evening.

Below is her statement:

End of #Demonetization and Start of# DeModitization. The year 2017 will mark the year of Demoditization. This will be the New Year Resolution of all 125 crore people of this great country. Where are the figures of #DeMonetisation? How much of black money recovered? What did the nation gain after 50 days of excruciating pain? The Prime Minister deviated from actual agenda of black money and #DeMonetisation. The Prime Minister just took over post of Finance Minister and made pre-Budget speech. So the Finance Minister was missing from this advance Budget Speech made by Prime Minister. Modi babu, empty vessels make the most noise. Modi Babu wanted 50 days to deliver promises. He badly failed. PM who runs nation in the name of Suddhikaran just underwent Buddhiharan. Promises broken. Promises derailed. People are not beggars. He has snatched common man’s  financial rights. Financial Emergency continues in the name of black money cleanup. Money not available in banks. Still no concrete solutions to problems. In the name of addressing the nation, Modi Babu is serving his selfish personal agenda. Heartless,baseless speech. Forgot to even pay respects to 112+ citizens who died in queues. Saying Nation Address and doing political vendetta.