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April 17, 2020

Do not indulge in politics now; we must fight the epidemic together: Mamata Banerjee

Do not indulge in politics now; we must fight the epidemic together: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a press conference on the measures that are being taken to tackle the situation that has arises due to coronavirus infection.

Highlights of her press conference:

There is some fake news circulating about coronavirus

From now on there will be a daily medical bulletin, which will precede the press briefing

Active positive cases till today in the State is 61, of which 55 cases are from seven families. Of these 55, 99% have some international connection

11 members of one family in Kalimpong
Army doctor’s family: 5 persons
Howrah has 8 cases, Kolkata has 12, Tehatta has 5, Haldia has 2
COVID-19 deaths are 3

Cured and discharged

13 cured and discharged
Of the Kalimpong family, 4 members’ test is negative today; this is a good sign
Belaghata ID Hospital has discharged 13; of the 17 patients there now, 12 are improving
To tackle economic disaster due to lockdown, for a new direction and way out, State govt has formed a Global Advisory Board (GAB) for Covid-19 response policy, This body will help the CM in policy forming. Members are:

Dr Abhijit Binayak Banerjee (head)
Dr Swarup Sarkar (formerly of WHO)
Dr Sukumar Mukherjee
We tackled the huge malaria situation, we will tackle this problem now

Several lakh deaths have occurred due to malaria in the past, from 1991 to 2003

Many deaths had occurred due to dengue too, which followed malaria

The coronavirus situation will continue for some time now

Have been advised to hold on to decision of opening tea gardens because of their being near the borders with Bhutan and Nepal borders and because of the Kalimpong cases


Equipment updates:

  • PPE – 11 lakh ordered, 2.07 lakh received; 5 lakh sought from the Centre
  • The first positive case came to light on January 21, lockdown was declared on March 24
  • We have not got what we should have because of delayed reaction by the Centre
  • Yesterday, only 3,000 PPE sets received from the Centre; they have coloured it yellow, but we know it to be white or light blue. They will have to be examined
  • We have ordered and are getting 15,000 sets every day
  • Of the 5 lakh N95 masks ordered, the Centre has given only 10,000
  • Two-ply and three-ply masks have also been ordered, also thermal guns and gloves
  • A daily table will be made and distributed on the total equipment ordered and total received

Doctors and nurses will have to keep well; therefore, no one please hide their case history when they come to any hospital for treatment

Along with coronavirus, we will also have to be prepared to tackle dengue cases. Have already held a meeting on this

Keeping distance and wearing a mask is a must when you step outside your home

On returning home, change clothes, shoes and have a thorough wash

Have a proper diet to maintain your immunity level, no need for dieting now

Appeal to all politicians to not indulge in politics now. We must fight the epidemic together

Some disinformation is being spread; have asked the police to act

Relief material being distributed by various organisations must be sanitised, be it masks or food items

All statements are based on the expert body of doctors, and therefore all leaders must follow the same policy