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October 30, 2012

Chief Minister says mandatory implementation of Set-Top-Box unacceptable, to stage protest if required

Chief Minister says mandatory implementation of Set-Top-Box unacceptable, to stage protest if required

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee expressed her satisfaction over the stability of prices of essential commodities in the market during the festival. The Chief Minister convened a meeting and had instructed the members of the Task Force to maintain a vigil on the markets in order to check on the inflation of essential commodities and report if they found any anomaly. She also instructed the Task Force to take regular rounds of the markets during the Durga Puja and Eid.

The Chief Minister slammed the Central Government over the mandatory implementation of Set-Top-Boxes to view television programmes after October 31st and condemned the continuous threats over the television that those who will not subscribe to these boxes will be barred from watching the television programmes as the televisions across the selected states will have a `black out` amass from November 1st onwards. `I am surprised to see these advertisements and wonder as how can any government threat consumers. We will not accept this and if required we will stage a protest`, added the Chief Minister. She also expressed her concern and said she is worried for the poor common man since an additional investment and that too in the festive season will put an extra burden on the common man who is already under so much financial pressure especially after hearing the news of stopping subsidy and streaming LPG cylinders. 

`I want to clarify that we will not accept the treat by Central govt. over mandatory implementation of Set-Top-Box. I know it is an extra burden especially in the festival season. I warn the Centre not to threat of black out as we will protest. What was Centre doing all these month, why government did not pay attention on bulk production of these boxes. We will not accept this pressure tactic`, the Chief Minister said.

Chief Minister made it clear that those who go on a extortion spree in the name of Kali Puja donations should be cautious as her government will not tolerate any harassment to common people. `I warn all those who forcefully collect money in the name of donations for Kali Puja. I want to tell them that we will have a firm vigil on such activities and will not tolerate such menace. I request you to abstain from indulging in such activities or face the consequences `, said the Chief Minister.