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October 12, 2012

Chief Minister meets a CPIML delegation at Writers` Building

Chief Minister meets a CPIML delegation at Writers` Building

The Trinamool Congress led government under the leadership of West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee met a group of CPIML Liberation at Writers` Buildings on Thursday. This once again proved that the Chief Minister believes in having a democratic approach towards all the political parties.

The Chief Minister gave a patient hearing to the delegation.  

The CPIML Liberation delegation requested the Chief Minister to look into the false cases filed by the previous Left Front government.

The delegation also demanded that the State government increase the stipend to Singur farmers who did not accept any compensation against the acquisition of their land. They demanded Rs 7,000 a month for the unwilling land-losers.

The delegation wanted a judicial commission to probe the murder of six villagers at Memari in 1993 during the Panchayat polls. The Chief Minister assured the delegation that she would ask the State Law Minister who would look into the possibility of a judicial probe.