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January 10, 2013

Chief Minister in Burdwan Dist tour, announces several projects for the industrial belt

Chief Minister in Burdwan Dist tour, announces several projects for the industrial belt
West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee addressed a public meeting at Asansol.  The Chief Minister who was on a district tour to Burdwan announced a slew of development projects for the people in these areas. Her Burdwan visit was also important in the wake of forthcoming Panchayat elections in the State.  
 `Today, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are going to build Kazi Nazrul University which is like fulfilling a long commitment since I have always wanted to do something on Nazurl Islam. We owe him so much but the previous government did not even bother to dedicate anything in his name which according to me is a matter of shame. I was in Churulia at Kazi Nazrul`s birth place and was surprised to see the place was in shambles.  There are only two-small rooms and a few papers scattered in the room. I assure you that we will dedicate many more institutions in his name`, these were the opening words of the West Bengal Chief Minister at the public meeting at the Polo ground in Asansol. She quoted the famous lines from a Nazrulgeeti, ‘ek e brinte duti kusum, Hindu Musalman, ekjon tar noyonmoni onno ti tar pran’ (two buds on the tree, Hindu and Muslim. If one of them is the eye then the other is life) on this occasion.
`Left Front constructed only one university during the past 35-years. Our Government within this short span of one and half a years has initiated the work to build four-universities including the Kazi Nazrul University. There are also plans to construct more universities in the State` the Chief Minister informed. She gave away scholarships and stipends to students. She also presented cycles to 2,783 girl students on this occasion.  
The Chief Minister said that the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is willing to construct a steel plant at Durgapur which will be the second largest steel plant in the country. `This will create employment opportunity for a large number of young people in the state`, she added. The Panagarh Industrial Park in Panagarh is under construction on 1,458 acres of land. `Out of 1,458 acres nearly 1,185 acres of land were given to various industrialists who have invested 12 crore rupees to build industries. Once this park is completed, it will open employment opportunities to nearly 12,000 people`, added the Chief Minister.
Bengal Chief Minister announced that there will be Sick Newborn Care Units (SNCU) in Durgapur and a trauma centre at Asansol. Apart from that the Government is planning to construct four-primary health centres in Burdwan district. `We have already invested 57-lakh rupees in Katwa Municipal hospital, eight-lakh rupees in Kalna Municipal Hospital and 50-lakh rupees for an outdoor patient department at Durgapur Municipal Hospital.
There will be a fire brigade station at Ranigang. The Chief Minsiter gave away Kisan Credit Card, patta, grants under Nijo Bhumi Nijo Griho. The Chief Minister requested the people to analse the work done by the Trinamool Congress at all levels and decide themselves who deserves to win in the in the Panchayat elections. She said that Trinamool Congress has done immense development work within the short span of time.
 The Chief Minister reached Burdwan and addressed a public meeting. She announced a series of projects and schemes like Kisan Credit Cards, Nijo Bhumi  Nijo Griho, scholarships and stipends to students, cycles to girl students.
Speaking on this occasion the Chief Minister announced that there are plans to construct more than 273-primary-schools in the district.  
She said that there will be two Gramin Bazaars in Burdwan district which will enable the artisans employed with the various self-help-groups to sell their finished products.   There will four handloom clusters in the district making employment opportunity for nearly two-lakh. Nearly 527 small scale industries have invested nearly 151 crore rupees in various handloom clusters and after completion nearly 5,000 artisans will have employment. `There are plans to build many more clusters in the area`, added the Chief Minister.
`Burdwan has large number of fertile lands. We have decided to build 95-Kisan Bazaars in the district this year itself. Every block will have a Kisan Bazaar, warehouse, cold storage. We have decided to give  farming equipments to 5,000 farmers. Eight-lakh farmers will be brought under the health scheme under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)`, said the Chief Minister.