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January 21, 2013

Chief Minister at Canning Sports Complex, announces a slew of projects and schemes

Chief Minister at Canning Sports Complex, announces a slew of projects and schemes
The Chief Minister felicitated yesteryear football players at Canning Sports Complex, Canning for their contribution to football. She also gave the Sundarban Cup 2012 to the winning football team. Apart from that sportsmen and sportswomen were also awarded fort their excellence in sports. Apart from that she gave away Kisan Credit Card, `patta` ammounting to 235 acres of land to 4,710 families under Nijo Bhumi Nijo Griho to homeless people. Two-crore rupees to 70 lakh to 32,000 families under under the national support project, and houses to 2,165 families under Geetanjali housing scheme. She said that the Trinamool Congress has done immense in the field of development work within a short span. She distributed bicycles to school girls and scholarships to students. Kisan Credit Cards, Samajik Mukti Cards. She also gave sanction letters and cheques under the Indira Awas Yojna. Fishing nets and baskets were also distributed to fish farmers. She distributed 90 Kg of fish to fishermen, vegetable carts to vegitable vendors, education loans to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes women and minorities, seven-lakh rupees to 36 families under the women welfare scheme, grants to set up school building under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.     
Speaking on this occasion she reiterated that districts have great significance and it was impossible to ascertain actual situation prevailing across districts by sitting at Writers` Building in Kolkata. `I have always maintained that there is a need to connect to the people as only then one would be able to understand problems and difficulties in order to explore solution. I prefer in carrying mini Writers` with me`, said the Chief.  
 Chief Minister said that there will be a Women`s University in Diamond Harbour which will enable the girls in the area to have better education without going anywhere. `I have decided to build Women`s University in Diamond Harbour. I feel pride to say that the Left regime made only one university in 34-years and we have constructed four-universities within this short span of time period`, said the Chief Minister. `We will complete the work by June this year`, she added.
`I was going through the manifesto the other day was happy to see that we have already completed nearly 90 per cent of the work committed in our manifesto before elections and still we have three-years to go. I am sure that people of this State will see the work themselves and re-elect Trinamool Congress. I wish if we had come to power 10-years ago then the situation would have been totally different in the State`, said the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister said that the State Government plans to bring a total overhauling in health sector and to do this the State Government has already taken many initiatives. She said that the Canning District Hospital which has 100-beds will have 50-more beds along with all modern facilities like IC, ICCU. `I am aware of the prices of the medicines and this is why we have taken an initiative to introduce fare price medicine shops in the State. There will be one here in Canning too` she added. The Chief Minister informed that she will inaugurate a hospital for the minority community in the area on February 11.
The Chief Minister requested men to come forward and protect the women in the area. She requested them to regard the women as sisters, `I want you to regard every female as your sister and protect their dignity.  I am sure you will not keep silent if someone dared to pass lewd comments or molest your sisters. I know you would teach them a lesson instead then why you are keeping silent. I pass on the responsibility of protection the dignity of women and I know you will not disappoint me`.
`I have an idea which I would like to share with you all here today, I have been mulling over this sometime. We will hold `Mati Utsav` at Panagarh in Burdwan district every year in February. The fair will showcase everything related to soil`, said the Chief Minister. The fair will focus on everything which is related to soil like process of paddy to husk and even the village schools`, added the Chief Minister.
There will be 100-green houses in the region to enable the chili farmers in Sundarban and Haldibari area to protect their produced. `I am aware the plight of the farmers who grow bitter leaves of the as the whole produced goes waste during rains and natural calamities. We have decided to prepare 204 sheds where they can keep their produced safely`, said the Chief Minister who also announced that from now onwards there will streamer service to ferry the farmers  in these areas as they often get late to reach the markets and as a result whole of their produced goes waste`, she added.