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April 22, 2019

BJP candidate here has fled from Darjeeling: Mamata Banerjee at Dewandighi

BJP candidate here has fled from Darjeeling: Mamata Banerjee at Dewandighi

Trinamool Chairperson addressed a public meeting at Dewandighi today

Here are some points from her speech:

After seeing so many womenfolk who have made time to attend this meeting, I am encouraged to work more for the people. Farmers of this region too have come, leaving work in the fields.

This place is known for its famous sweets. Sainbari family members bring mihidana and sitabhog each 21st July to me, reconnecting my attachment with this region.

Over the last two-three days, the storms that have damaged property and crops will be assessed and compensated. You need not worry.

Several schemes for the districts have been implemented. For farmers, we have exempted taxes and mutation fees when the transfer of land is required.

Several infrastructure schemes have been taken up in this region. A major irrigation project will facilitate supply of water for all season crops. An important alternative roadway connecting south Bengal with the north is also coming up.

Many other projects have been earmarked for Bardhaman. Colleges, ITIs, polytechnic centres are coming up in Memari and other places.

A number of hospitals have also been established that provide free treatment. Mishti Hubs have come up, along with handloom centres and other cottage industry projects.

Rail projects too are proposed that will improve connectivity.

I need not have said all this. This time, it’s not a vote for the state but for the central govt. They say we have not done any work. So where are all these benefits coming from?

Instead what has the central govt done over the last five years? They have cut down funding for various departmental schemes and even created hurdles in day-to-day life.

Keeping the problems of the common people in mind, we have arranged subsidised food and free treatment at govt hospitals. But in case you need private treatment, then Swasthya Sathi cards are being issued in the name of the women of the household, who will be able to handle the whole family better.

Employment generation has also been given attention. Homeguards, health workers are getting jobs in each district.

Education has been given great impetus as well. From books to uniforms to scholarships – everything is being provided.

But what has the central govt done except for implementing anti-people policies? From notebandi to NRC, they have created problems for the people. Not only the people, but even their party leaders are afraid of what the two in control will do next.

And religion? Bangla is one state where all religions are equally encouraged. From Durga Puja to Eid to Christmas – all faiths and all festivals are celebrated with fervour.

Our Hinduism is the Hinduism that sages and saints taught us. We are tolerant, we celebrate each festival with gusto. We know the rituals and procedures much better than Modis and Shah.

But if they come to power again, then all freedoms will continue to be curtailed. They will impose things we will not like. The Hinduism they follow is not the proper one. They want to go around with swords and maces, wear saffron and claim they are Hindus.

What does Modi Babu know about Bangla that he wants to make changes here? He can’t manage Delhi and he has eyes for Bangla. They are like “basanter kokeel” who drop by during one season and forget you for the rest of the year.

The BJP candidate here has fled from Darjeeling and is claiming popularity because it is his in-laws area. But that will not work. Our candidate Mamtaz Sanghamita has done a lot more work for her constituency and will continue to do so.

On April 29, vote early and vote right. Vote for Trinamool and Maa, Mati, Manush. For this is the way forward into the future.