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August 28, 2020

Bengal will give India back its freedom in 2021: Mamata Banerjee

Bengal will give India back its freedom in 2021: Mamata Banerjee

Today, August 28 is the foundation day of Trinamool Chhatra Parishad. Since a normal rally could not be held due to pandemic-related restrictions, a virtual rally was held, through which Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee addressed the students of Bengal. The rally was telecast live on Facebook.

The main topics broached this year were maintaining peace on college campuses, keeping up the excellent academic environment and giving teachers their due respect.


Highlights of her speech:

The Central government has no work other than giving speeches – nothing but ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

If in the current situation, students could not reach the examination venues on time, who would be responsible?

We are proud of our students, in fact, not just ours, but the whole country’s. Their futures are bright.

Be it migrant workers or students, the Centre does not provide financial help to anyone. It does only before elections, to some people – the rest is all about unkept promises. Starting with bringing back black money, it has made more than a hundred false promises.

Bengal is number one in skill development, distribution of Kisan Credit Cards and MSMEs.

Even during this pandemic, all the State government is giving salaries to all its employees.

All girl in government schools, colleges and universities are covered by the Kanyashree Scheme.

The State government has decided to provide students the opportunity for internships.

The State government has given legal recognition and rights to refugee colonies.

The government has given official recognition to all endangered languages.

On Teachers’ Day, teachers in every block would be given reception.

From next year, August 9 would also be celebrated as Students’ Day in Bengal.

It is the students who would herald a new dawn. We will inspire people by exhorting them to bring about a revolution in 2021.

On September 16, farmers across Bengal will gather in their villages to  protest against the anti-farmer policies of the Central government, of course, maintaining all COVID-19-related health precautions.

The coronavirus will one day go away, but the BJP government is doing politics on the pandemic. It is using social media to spread lies.

Let them do it. I believe if the student community is by my side, we would be able to give India back its freedom. People will get back their freedom of speech.

Using the coronavirus-related issues, a political pandemic is being created. A fear of black laws is being drawn in our hearts.

There is no freedom of speech in the entire country. But Bengal will give it back to the country. We are not cowards. Cowards die many times before their deaths, the brave die only once.

Bengal had moved forward in accordance with the instructions given by the UGC in April. The new instructions it gave in July complicated things.

We respect the court. We won’t speak ill of courts. But why would the Central government and the UGC, which runs educational institutes as per Central laws, put students in danger?

A lot of pressure is being created on students in this pandemic situation. How would students from Bihar go to Uttar Pradesh to give exams? Who would take responsibility if students from Birbhum are not able to reach examination centres in Murshidabad?

The whole country is in a state of fear. It is Bengal which will give India back its freedom in 2021.

Would you (the Centre) be able to convince people before elections? Remember, courts won’t come to your help then.