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January 22, 2024

Bengal will have to take up the responsibility of saving all religions: Mamata Banerjee

Bengal will have to take up the responsibility of saving all religions: Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee walked the Sanhati Rally (‘Rally for Harmony’) today in Kolkata, leading the march from Hazra. Before starting, she offered puja at the Kalighat Temple.

Highlights of speech after the march:

It is the people of Bengal who would have to take a leading role in saving the essence of all religions.

A set of people is intent on selling off the whole country for the sake of elections.

Before elections, they instigate people in the name of religion, saying people are out to divide the Hindus.

We have not been given our due money for 100 Days’ Work. Rural road rural housing projects are suspended. We have been ordered to paint saffron – but why saffron when there are so many colours?

Do they have a count of the number of people who died when they announced they would impose NRC? Where were the other leaders then? Only Trinamool hit the streets in protest.

Where was the BJP when the Babri Mosque was destroyed?

I too follow religion.

How can the people who are talking of breaking down the Dakshineswar Skywalk call themselves preachers of Hinduism?

They would decide who gets to eat what and wear what.

Since I speak against them, they have painted my whole family as thieves.

I gave the name INDIA to the coalition, yet when I went to the meeting, I found the CPI(M) controlling. I have tolerated the CPI(M) for 34 years, now no more. I have been insulted enough, no more will I allow it.

A struggle has started and it will continue. We are not cowards, so we will fight.

We won’t let the BJP win even a single seat.

They do whatever they want to the poor.

I respect the international channels. The Indian channels have all been sold to Ambani and Adani, they show whatever they are told to.

Do not watch news channels as they only create tension. They show news which create controversies. But remember, I am not against reporters, I am against the owners of their channels.

I am ashamed that they did not announce a national holiday on Netaji’s birthday but have given a national holiday today; they are saying today is supposedly their independence day.

Do I now have to hear from them that even Swami Vivekananda was not a Hindu?

Everyone is being told to stay at home today and listen to ‘Man Ki Baat’.

You talk about Ram but not about Sita and Kaushalya – so doesn’t that mean you are anti-women?

Ultimately, Bengal will show the way.