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February 22, 2023

Trinamool would be your friend for all seasons: Mamata Banerjee

Trinamool would be your friend for all seasons: Mamata Banerjee

Today was the last day of campaigning for the Meghalaya Assembly elections. Mamata Banerjee addressed a crowd at the Rajabala constituency. This was her third visit to the state on account of the assembly elections.

Highlights of her speech:

Meghalaya is meant to be for the people of the state. Outsiders invoking, NRC and CAA, or coming and opening fire on its people, cannot be tolerated.

In Bengal, people of different religions live together. But still, the ED and CBI harass us regularly. The BJP thinks everyone except them are corrupt. Meghalaya cannot be run by Guwahati or Delhi. Neither would we. We will only help you.

Nobody can say when LIC or SBI will be shut down. The poor don’t get any monetary help. The supply of Ujjwala cylinders dries up as soon as elections get over. Voting is the only weapon is a democracy. Use it with prudence.

In Bengal, we have the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme, through which women get Rs 500 – 1000 per month. Those above 60 years of age get Rs 1,000 every month. We provide free rations, free education in government schools, and scholarships SC and ST students. Does any other state provide these?

We want to go to every state in the North-east. Whenever you are in trouble, remember Bengal is by your side. I promise to help.

We will start the social service schemes which we have in Bengal, here. Always remember you need a friend. Delhi’s BJP or Congress would never be your friends. But Trinamool would be your friend for all seasons. I want the mothers and daughters of this state to progress.

Trinamool will defeat the BJP in the coming days. In 2024, it is Trinamool which will throw the BJP out of Delhi.