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August 29, 2022

I came into politics to serve society: Mamata Banerjee

I came into politics to serve society: Mamata Banerjee

This meeting today is being held to celebrate the foundation of Trinamool Congress ChhatraParishad. Every year, a special meeting is held on August 28 to commemorate the foundation day of Trinamool Congress ChhatraParishad. But since the day was a Sunday this year, we are holding the meeting today.

Highlights of Mamata Banerjee’s speech:

So many people have got jobs during the Trinamool rule. And what about during the Left Front rule? Is there any data on that?

Rajiv had 400 MPs, but still he lost. Indira Gandhi too had to lose. BJP has just around 300 MPs. Bihar is already out of their hands. If elections come, they would win nothing. They would be left holding rasgullas.

Neither do I take my MP’s pension nor my chief minister’s salary. I use as less of government vehicles as possible. I live in a leased place. As per the law, I am a common person.

Why was Keshto arrested? There are few people as helpful as him. I do not know what Partha’s crime is, the issue is sub judice, but what is being done to him is simply slander. A conspiracy s being hatched against him.

After Trinamool came to power, 1,63,970 teachers have been appointed. More than 1.5 crore have got jobs in the government and in private concerns. Employment has increased by 40 per cent.

I respect the ED and CBI. But some of these agencies’ officials are involved in corruption. If Delhi tries to take any steps against our state police, I would take proper legal steps. I am keeping a close watch.

During our 11 years in power, we neither got funds nor enough opportunities from Delhi, only insults and neglect.

I came into politics to serve society. The BJP has destroyed the country in its eight years in power. It is only filling up its treasury with crores and crores of money.