Nalban facelift gets underway

The Nalban Food Park will look new within a few months. The state fisheries development corporation (SFDC) is working on a project worth Rs 1.67 crore to give the park a facelift with extension of the area, new lighting and seating arrangements and beautification of the water body in an eco-friendly way.

A development plan has been chalked out and a boundary wall has been set up, lighting and seating arrangements are being improved and eco-friendly toilets are being installed.

The project is being carried out towards the Sector V end of the Nalban bheri. No structural construction is being done since it falls under a wetland.

Earlier, the forest department, fisheries department and Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority conducted a survey, following which the beautification plan was cleared.

The overall plan is to develop the park as a tourist spot where visitors can spend time and have recreational activities. Keeping this in mind, the authorities even plan to develop it as a water park.


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Wetland Conservation – KMC has made a mark

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has given stress on increasing citizen awareness through various programmes for wetland conservation.

Quiz programmes, debates and plays have been organised in various schools to increase awareness among students. Decorated tabloids have been used to create awareness. Leaflets too have been distributed with an appeal of conservation of nature


  • Street meetings will be organised in main markets to create awareness against usage of plastic bags
  • Booklets and posters published to create awareness for conservation of wetlands
  • In Kolkata, there are about 3500 big and small water bodies. To maintain ecological balance, these water bodies will be preserved and beautified and will be used for pisciculture.


This will not only maintain ecological balance and make the city more beautiful, but will also provide employment opportunities to the unemployed youth.