Derek O’Brien demands the Resignation Of A.K. Ganguly As Chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission | Transcript

Mr. Deputy Chairman, Sir, the serious issue which we have been seeing for the last three weeks is about men in positions of power misusing their power and then doing everything they can to suppress the voice of the victim.

This is way above any kind of political formation, because three Judges of the Supreme Court have said what they have to say and they have said it very, very clearly, that it was inappropriate behaviour of a sexual nature.

Sir, what examples are we setting where people holding the highest positions, like that of the chairperson of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission, is doing this kind of thing? The girl is under so much pressure! Sir, everyone knows this case very well.

I do not wish to go into the details of it because today it is important that we pass the Lokpal Bill, and we pass it quickly. But these newspaper reports are a disgrace. Forget about it coming from a Human Rights Commission Chairman, they are a disgrace to any man.  Sir, we firmly believe, and we have been asking for the last three weeks, that this gentleman should resign, or he should be arrested, or the President should sack him. The rules are very clear under the Human Rights Commission, Sir. People across political parties feel that this — I cannot even call him Justice – gentleman, if I can call him that, has to go.

He should be arrested. The President should refer to the Supreme Court. That is all that we have to say.