D Bandyopadhyay speaks on The Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Amendment Bill, 2014 | Transcript

I would request the Minister through you, Sir, that does he at least have an estimate of how much land or premises are in illegal occupation? We are passing a draconian law, but what are the facts about illegal occupation? We do not know its extent. So my first point and request is that the Hon’ble Minister, through his own machinery, finds out what is the total area (roughly) in illegal occupation.

Sir, the Bill expands the definition of public sector enterprises. Very large areas have been taken into account for this and the process of eviction has been made almost draconian. So I would request through you, Sir, that while there are good features in the Bill, the draconian features of the Bill be also looked into.

Therefore, may I, through you, suggest to the Government, that let the Bill be sent to the Select Committee of the House so that it can go through what all are happening and whether all the recommendations and observations of the Hon’ble Supreme Court have been fully incorporated, and what should be done so that  public places  remain free of illegal occupation. But one should not throw away the baby with the bath water. So the main people should not suffer too much because of this law.

So through you, Sir, I make an appeal for sending the Bill to the Select Committee.