Tapas Pal speaks during Question Hour on the need for doctors in rural health centres

There are not enough doctors at health centres in India. Whenever I visit my constituency, I meet patients with fatal diseases who tell me there are not enough doctors, please arrange doctors for us. I think this is the situation everywhere, not just my constituency. I would request the Hon. Health Minister to make arrangements for doctors; send the doctors to rural areas after they complete their studies.

Tapas Pal speaks the river bank erosion of Ganga river in Krishnanagar

Sir, I would like to bring to your notice that river bank erosion of Ganga several areas in my Krishnanagar constituency are getting damaged. The areas include Tollygunge block, Matiari tipi, Dhubulia block 2, Rajapur, Shankarpur, under Belpukur GP, block Dhubulia 2, Sadhanpara 1 GP, Rukunpur.

Many houses are damaged and lives of several people are at risk. We want the hon. Minister to take some action regarding this matter. Please address the tears of the poor people.
Thank you, Sir.

Tapas Pal speaks on Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana | Transcript

Sir, ye bahut gambhir baat hai aur zaroori bhi hai. Fund is required for the roads under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, Phase-I in Krishnanagr Lok Sabha constituency, district Nadia, West Bengal.

The roads have been laid badly and mostly used by the office goers, school and college going students and especially by the patients visiting hospitals. So these roads are required to be constructed for the benefit of the people of the constituency.

I would therefore request our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India through you to consider the matter that the maintenance work can be completed and the people of my Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency may have a comfortable journey.

This is my request, Sir. Thank you.