KMC to take measures to ensure street food vendors follow hygienic practices

Kolkata Municipal Corporation is gearing up to take measures to ensure street food vendors follow proper hygienic practices.

Street food in Kolkata, with phuchkas and aloo chats as its staple attraction, are a hit among citizens and outsiders as it is cheap and easily available. Since a large section of students dip into street food, KMC authorities feel the food items should be safe and are not allowed to be sold under unhygienic conditions.

“We want to make street foods safe in the city. It has been our focus to ensure that street food vendors maintain a standard of hygiene so that the customers will not have to be suspicious of the quality of food offered,” Atin Ghosh, member, mayor-in-council (health) said.

In keeping with the guidelines formulated in the seminar, KMC health department, under the supervision of Mr Ghosh, has decided to formulate their own regulatory guidelines taking into account the demand of the city.

Use of safe, potable running water will be a key measure to be taken under the guidelines being worked out since water that is unsafe for consumption cause a variety of diseases. The vendors must also ensure proper garbage disposal and that food is handled in a scientific way. A certain level of temperature is maintained while cooking the food is also being considered.

State Tourism Dept launches website on Bengali cuisine

Not just places of interest, West Bengal Tourism Department will now tug at the gastronomic strings of tourists with a new website devoted solely to Bengali cuisine.

The recently-launched website is a powerhouse of information on Bengali cuisine, various recipes and also provides region-wise information of food available in the State. The ministry hopes this website will bring Bengali cuisine on the international culinary map.

Minister Bratya Basu said, “Tourists who are visiting Bengal will be encouraged by this website. They can now get any information on the food and culinary delights in any part of the State – be it Cooch Behar or Krishnagar”.

“Food is ingrained in Bengali culture. Promoting Bengali cuisine is a great way to promote tourism,” he added.

Experts in the field feel this move will go a long way in boosting tourism in Bengal and boost the restaurant and hospitality infrastructure in the State. Themes like ‘street food walk’ will also be more popular.


Click here to view the website.