TMC MPs raise the issue of sick jute and handloom industry

AITC MPs Vivek Gupta and Sukhendu Sekhar Roy took up the rising concern of dwindling sectors of handloom and jute industries in Parliament today.

Vivek Gupta mentioned 40 lakh jute growers are affected and 4 lakh jute workers are affected specially in Bengal that what steps have been taken by the Minister for the prevent the dilution of the jute packing order and also for the revival of the Khardah and the Kinsan units, which had earlier received the cabinet approval of the Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction Scheme, but now suddenly on 20 November has been removed from the scheme now 5 jute mills in Bengal are declared sick and facing immediate closure.

Further pointing put why there has been there has been no increase in the number of people being provided health insurance, the Ministry was urged that what is the reason for this disparity.

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Sukhendu Sekhar Roy raised the concern of why 24 districts were covered in 2011-12, but in 2013-14, only 10 areas have been covered, so why have 14 districts have been excluded?

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